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ugh, i am so pissed right now! i have to go to a meeting at 5:00! who has meetings after 5:00 besides the damn president (whom the meeting is with but still)... now i'm going to miss my pilates class and i was SO looking forward to it... seems i really overdid things on sunday when i was over at eric's - i weeded all the flowerbeds in the backyard AND mowed the grass... i'm not sure how long i was out there but probably a few hours and man are my legs, arms, and neck sore (so much i didn't go to the gym yesterday or today)... i need to learn to take things easy but it felt so good to be outside and getting some exercise... i hope i feel better by tomorrow, that's all i have to say... and i hope the president likes my annual report designs or i'll really be pissed... :-P

sorry, just had to rant there for a second... deep breath... okay, moving on... my weekend was good - i was able to do a lot of R&R which was nice and very much needed... friday night, eric and i got hooked on this documentary staring ewan mcgregor and a friend of his called 'long way around'... they rode their motorcycles from london, thru eastern europe/asia, over to alaska, thru the U.S., and then ended the trip in NYC... it was an amazing story and really fun to watch so if you're into riding, i think you'd enjoy it... :o)

on saturday morning, eric and i went for a long walk - he doesn't go with me very often so i was very happy when he said, "i'll come with you"... it was a cool and sort of drizzling so it was the perfect weather for exercising... after that, i had breakfast, did some laundry, and then relaxed until the mid-afternoon when we went to see his nephew play in a soccer tournament... the weather turned ugly and we got rained on (and the bike) but all was well when it was time to go home... for dinner - we tried out a salvadorian/tex-mex restaurant and it was really good (no fried ice cream though)... entertainment was 'lifeforce' (sucked) and 'hellboy' (pretty good)... :o)

on sunday, as mentioned above - i was miss backyard gardener for most of the day... we watched some of the nascar race and then some of the skins/colts game later but other than that - it was another chill day for me... i froze about 4 quarts of tomatoes and they're still coming-in, so i think i'll have plenty for making sauce and salsa... we had burgers on the grill for dinner and a nice salad - dessert was light coffee ice cream... yummy! :o)

since i won't be going to class tonight, that gives me more time to work on stuffed tomatoes for dinner... i've already had cherry tomatoes and mozzarella for lunch so i'll probably turn into one very soon... i haven't been on the scale in weeks but since tomorrow will be one month since officially 'not-dieting' - i'm going to see where i am... i know i've gained a pound or two but nothing major - my clothes are still fitting so i think i'm doing okay... july was very busy for me and i was away every weekend, so being home more will definitely help in the food-department... now if i could just get my workout schedule back to normal, i'd feel much better... stay tuned... :o)

happy tuesday...

Greta  – (4:18 PM)  

That sucks about the meeting. My hubby works at a university and they have meetings all the time on Friday at 4:30. Who does that? ugh.

sounds like a fun weekend, the walk in the drizzle sounds wonderful.

Kate  – (4:19 PM)  

Sounds like you had a nice weekend, totally sucks your going to miss pilates though, I hate it when I'm all geared up for something and it's can't work out for various reasons.

->cara  – (8:30 PM)  

If blogs are good for one thing, they're good for ranting. So rant on all you want. :)

I'm a graphic designer also. Although it's not my best work, I created the banner on top of my blog. I miss designing though, because the job I'm doing right now isn't design related. Though I just applied for a design job in another department. I'm so psyched. Everyone seems to think I'll get it. I can't get my hopes up, though, whenever I do that, it always falls through. I used to LOVE designing annual reports. Those are some of the most creative beasts to design!

And I want to know what's up with a tex-mex restaurant without fried ice cream!!??!

Laura  – (12:16 AM)  

Sorry, I have been away for a while.

I am so feeling your meeting pains!! I work from home and only go into the office about 2 hours a week. Well, my boss schedules a meeting for 4pm (not quite as bad as your 5pm) and the idiot that was meeting to talk with us about a new software package he was selling.....DID NOT SHOW UP!!! This idiot was the only reason why I went into work and then he doesn't show for the meeting.....rrrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous –   – (7:25 AM)  

Who the hell schedules a meeting for 5pm. What does really friggin suck!

BTW...I noticed on your blogroll you have my old blog address. IT is now


Vickie  – (7:25 AM)  

that does suck - big time - about the meeting and missing class. Was it a good meeting or the type of thing that could have actually been handled in a memo? I hate when that happens.

One of my husband's brothers road his bike (bicycle) coast to coast several years ago. He now lives in North Carolina and rides UP the mountains for fun. He is now 50+ and in really great shape.

CaRoLyN  – (10:38 AM)  

Ewww 5:00 meeting. Shittay.

Glad you had a good weekend. Your walk with bf sounds so nice. I love it when Scott decides to come with me. A nice surprise.

I have a huge craving for tomatoes and mozza cheese now. Hmmmm wonder if I can work that into supper. Thanks for the idea!

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