well, it has been 4-weeks since i officially stopped counting points and i told myself that i would not be stepping on the scale every week... i succeeded in that department and have to admit it's been really nice not worrying about what number was showing up and/or how it was going to affect my day... my goal was to concentrate on HOW i was feeling instead of having the scale TELL me how i was feeling, if that makes any sense... all my clothes are still fitting and though i need to work harder in the cardio dept (who doesn't?), for the most part - i'm doing rather well... and like i said yesterday, july was very busy for me and being away every weekend certainly didn't help things - my goal for august is to get back on a normal schedule... anyway, onto the results... :o)

july 9: 157.2
august 6: 157.8
result: +.6

since i had forgotten my last weigh-in number - i have to admit that i freaked out just a little when i saw that number this morning... my first thought was, "what i have done? am i really going to be able to not keep track AND maintain my weight?" but then i took a deep breath and remembered why i was doing this... after 3 years of slowly losing and then basically maintaining for the last few months - i really wanted to focus on the me of today... would i love myself more if lost 10 more pounds? no, because i would be the same person that i am right now but with a new wardrobe... :o)

last nights how to look good naked really hit home to me because it showed how easy it was to let something like thigh-size or hip-size be a distraction from your daily life... how many of us chose not to go out because of how we looked, or chose not to buy a new outfit because it wasn't the 'ideal' size? does anyone really notice? does anyone really care? and the answer to that, my friends, is no but it's all on how you CHOSE to view things... are those things WORTH worrying about and stopping you from doing things you love? how much TIME have you wasted worrying about cellulite when in reality - most of women have it! again, i'm just expressing my opinion in hopes that others will realize there's more to life than what the tape measure may be saying... feel free to chime-in on this conversation... :o)

regarding yesterday's 5:00 meeting - i can't really say it went well because the president basically said he didn't like my design... he REALLY likes last years and granted - it's a good design but my goal was to freshen it up, add more color, and NOT have it be identical... i have to remember that he's the client and though i almost burst into tears - i tried my best to not take it personally... after the meeting, my boss said he came up to her and expressed concern about how his reaction might've sounded... io know where he's coming from but it just makes me so mad when i try to improve on something, and it ends up being nixed... anyway, i now have to rework my design and show him something when he gets back from vacation - at least i have a few weeks... :op

since i missed my pilates class, i had some extra time when i got home so i made stuffed tomatoes, from our garden, as well as another batch of pesto... i must have 6 containers in my freezer and i'm sure there will be more before summer's over - i don't mind because i LOVE it... see photos below... :o)

stuffed tomatoes with ground turkey, onion, green pepper, yellow squash, a dallop of goat cheese in the middle, and some breadcrumbs ontop... totally yummy!

another basil leaf from my herb garden...

happy hump day...

kelly  – (6:48 PM)  

those tomatoes look yummy! and nice work with the weigh-in, i know i've had a crazy summer and looks like you have too :)

oh and that show was on MTV.

Anne  – (10:02 PM)  

Yeah for the WI!

Sorry about your design, I would take it personally too, I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

Wow, your basil is HUGE!! Our is nowhere near that size!

Little Things  – (10:56 PM)  

I can not get over how big your basil is. I thought it looked huge when you showed it last time, but the image of it in front of your face is UNREAL!! What the heck are you feeding it? hahaha.

Fantastic on the WI. You do realize your weight fluctuates daily so you had a maintain!! I am so thrilled for you!! High five!

CaRoLyN  – (7:37 AM)  

Wowsa, now that's a basil leaf!

I love this post becasue it seems like you've hit a milestone! All those months of being so attached to the scale and now you are finally able to break free. I especially loved this....
"would i love myself more if lost 10 more pounds? no, because i would be the same person that i am right now but with a new wardrobe" You are SOO right. You won't love yourself anymore and if you are happy and comfortable with your body than what's stopping you now? Nothing!!

Congrats Jodi, it's been such an eye opener, following you on your journey!

Greta  – (11:05 AM)  

Ok first off- that is serioulsy the largest basil leaf I have EVER seen. And I use a lot of basil. Awesome!

Congrats on the maintaining!! (0.6 is essentially the same!).

Sorry about the meeting and the pooba boss. Sometimes you just can't win with people- but you know you worked hard and did your best, that's what counts.

eurydice  – (12:06 PM)  

wow... maintaining over that last few weeks with no scale is a great success. you should be really proud of yourself.

Vickie  – (5:10 PM)  

stuff tomatoes look wonderful - do you know that you can freeze them (stuffed) and then defrost and bake? I wrap them in aluminum (sp?) foil and then put in freezer zip lock bags (lots in the same bag).

Caroline  – (7:07 PM)  

I'm growing basil, too, but my leaves DEFINITELY don't look like yours. Holy cow! And way to go on maintaining. That is such a HUGE victory!

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