happy friday indeed! i'm so looking forward to this weekend since the weather will be much cooler but i'm not looking forward to being away from home, again... eric and i are headed to the cabin tonight and then plan on spending some time w/my dad tomorrow... after that, we're going back up to pittsburgh so he can bring back the motorcycle trailer - should be a slow ride home that's for sure (even slower if the bike was actually ON it)... so yes, i will be gone yet again but at least i have the next 3 weekends to look forward too (and then we leave for the beach!)... 23 MORE DAYS! :o)

i forgot to mention that i tried the 3rd new flavor of yoplait this week - pineapple upside down cake - and boy was it delicious... i really thought that it would be my least favorite but i have to say, it's top on my list - there were lots of pineapple chunks and it had a great flavor... i highly recommend trying them all... i also saw an ad for a new flavor of WW's yogurt - boston creme pie (which they stole from yoplait i'm sure) - has anyone tried that one? for 1 point - it's makes a great afternoon snack... :o)

i think it's been a while since i've shared some of my new, favorite websites so here's what i've been reading lately... enjoy!

the martha blog - always something tasty and beautiful to see here
team sugar - here you can customize your articles by interests
natalie dee - hilarious comics with a twisted sense of humor
kath eats real food - after losing 30 pounds, kath decides to go back to school to become a registered dietitian and shares some great photos and recipes
vita juice daily - a nice looking site with a lot of great links
food network addict - if you love this channel like me then you will love this site!

have a wonderful weekend everyone... :o)

notSupermum  – (10:17 AM)  

Hi! I've just discovered your blog, and have been enjoying reading through it. I'm also on a crusade to lose weight and take more care with how I dress, etc. I'll be looking to you for inspiration!

Kate  – (11:13 AM)  

I love your links. I am going to have to try the new yoplaits. I have always avoided them, because they were two points on WW's, but now that I'm not focusing on points, I'm gonna give them a whirl.

Enjoy your weekend!

kelly  – (11:20 AM)  

thanks for the nice comment! i think we are doing pretty much the same thing. i can appreciate the WW structure for like a baseline - just so you know what you're eating in relation to what you can eat for the entire day but i think once you get passed that you can pretty much know if what you're eating is healthy or not.

sounds like you have a busy weekend! have fun at the cabin, that sounds cool. and i def have the strawberry shortcake & raspberry cheesecake yogurts in my fridge that i've been meaning to try. maybe i'll try that this weekend. upside down cake sounds delicious too!

angelfish24  – (12:40 AM)  

I've been so boring with the yogurt lately....just vanilla! I know, blah. Maybe I'll check out these new yogurts.
I'll have to try out the links you listed, they sound interesting.

ThickChick  – (11:34 AM)  

Thanks for your comment about my dresss... as a fellow bargain hunter you'll appreciate the fact that while I saw it at Macy's months ago for over $200, I did not buy it and wound up finding it on ebay (worn once) for $20! =)

I am so inspired by your gardening!
I think next summer I will give it a shot, as I can't imagine anything more satisfying than eating food you've grown yourself.
So cool.

Also - I've caught up on your posts and admire your sensible attitude towards the scale. As of late I've found myself re-chained to the device and hope that when I reach a comfortable weight I will have the sense to do what you've done!

Rebecca  – (9:41 PM)  

thanks for the comment jodi!

i really appreciate it.

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