happy friday, everyone! i just got done with lunch (tuna/bean/veggie pita and yogurt) and i was thrilled to find the 3 new flavors of yoplait last night in my grocery store (discussed here)... i brought the strawberry shortcake today and though it was very tasty - it was heavier on the strawberry than shortcake, if you know what i mean... anyway, i can't wait to try the pineapple and raspberry cheesecake so stay tuned! ;o)

i received an email yesterday, asking if i would be interested in reviewing a new book by wendy cha
nt, who's a nutrition & fitness expert (view her website here)... the book is called Crack The Fat-Loss Code: Outsmart Your Metabolism and Conquer the Diet Plateau and since i'm not really following a weightloss plan - i was hesitant about saying yes... i replied back to the publicist and explained my situation, and she said she'd love to have a different perspective, regardless of what plan i was or wasn't doing... who knows - maybe i'll learn a thing or two, so stayed tuned for that review as well... :o )

my weekend plans are pretty open, as of right now anyway... eric and i may go see his nephew's soccer game tomorrow and if so - i hope we can sneak-in dinner afterwards in annapolis... we went to this great place on the water last year and their crabs are awesome - haven't had any this year and time's running out... other than that - we have 2 movies to watch ('hellboy' and 'lifeforce') and that's it... sounds wonderful, right? oh, i have a LOT of tomatoes to freeze, so they can be canned at a later time, but that's not really 'work'... i will also be bringing both cats to eric's this weekend so i hope it works out - i'm hoping with his bigger place and us being around more, norman won't be so fixated on zoe... wish me luck! :o)

have a great weekend and happy friday...

spunkysuzi  – (1:04 PM)  

Have a great weekend! And do share what your thoughts on the book are ;)

Kim  – (2:53 PM)  

Hmm - the book looks interesting. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

Anne  – (12:45 AM)  

Looking forward to the review, have a great weekend!!

Vickie  – (12:59 PM)  

I have had very good luck with freezing ROMA's. I scrub and freeze. I put them in 1 gallon zipper bags - with them all FLAT (like they are on a cookie sheet) and then they have the flash frozen quality of not being stuck together. When I use - I run them under VERY hot water and the skins pop off very easily in my hands. I then use for sauces or soup.

->cara  – (5:06 PM)  

How do you get to review a book? Is it part of your job? Just thought it was cool that you'd get an email from someone asking you to review their book. Love to have that job!!!

BTW, the pita sounded yummy!

ThickChick  – (2:38 PM)  

Hi Jodi! Haven't been by in awhile, but wanted to say that I love the new photo and overall new philosophy you're taking towards maintenance. Beautiful!

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