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last night was my first pilates class in over a year and a half... i had been taking it regularly until i had foot surgery back in january '07 and then i decided to train for a 5K... after that, the class time was moved to 6:00 so i couldn't make it and that made me sad because i really enjoyed the instructor... anyway, i found out that they had a 5-week course this summer and i signed-up since i could make te 6:30 classes - so glad i did! i forgot how wonderful it was to stretch and work on your core muscles - i'm also hoping it relieves some back pain i'd be having (as a result of not doing pilates anymore?)... for those of you that have never tried pilates - i highly recommend it... :o)

here's my food-find for the week:

pringles baked wheat stix - view website
the gym in my building had samples of these last week so i grabbed one (pizza flavor, of course) and was pleasantly surprised... they were not only crunchy but very flavorful and just the right serving size, so i used the coupon and bought a box when i went to the grocery store... they have 4 flavors: vanilla, crunchy wheat, pizza, and honey butter, and for only 90 calories - i think this makes a great snack! :o)

has anyone caught the new season of how to look good naked (tuesdays at 10pm on lifetime)... i missed the premier last week but watched it last night - i was surprised to see so many things revamped (plus it's now an hour instead of 30 mins)... carson is still following the premise that women need to view their bodies in a different way and really think, for the most part, the show has a positive message... on last night's episode - he took the woman and showed her 3 life-size photos of women's bodies and asked her to say what she liked about each one... when he asked which one she liked the most, he showed her what that body looked like w/her head... then he revealed that she had picked her OWN body (they had added a tattoo and different bra/undies)... i thought that was a nice twist to the show - she was shocked and he was just trying to make the point that it IS possible to like your body, flaws and all... and that you always look better in reality, then you do in your head... :o)

and for all you harry potter fans - check out the new trailer here! :o)

time to catch-up with everyone and then get back to work - i'm working on this year's annual report and have comps due next week... fun fun...

happy hump day...

Little Things  – (6:30 PM)  

Oooo I just blogged about the new HP! I can't wait!

Vickie  – (5:50 AM)  

I love pilates too. I have been doing it all the way down the scale and am convinced that is why my belly and upper arms, etc ended up in such good shape (excess skin and fat pocket wise). I have been doing a free weights class 2-3 times a week since Christmas and that a good one. For me, it is even better than pilates. I guess it is like pilates with weights.

Sharla Rae  – (12:21 PM)  

I love HP. I saw the triler last night and decided I'm going to re-watch all of the "old ones" to be ready for the new one!

Chellie has Issues  – (1:37 PM)  

I've had several people tell me I need to go on that show. I know I would pick the largest person also. I have been looking at those Pringle's Stix and will have to try them now.

I also love Pilates. I do the WIndsor Pilates DVD's at home.

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