i'm happy today is friday even though i have a busy weekend ahead of me - i will be spending some time with dad since my sister will be leaving for cross-country vacation any day now... i will be staying in their cabin, which is surrounded by a state park with lots of trails and a lake, and there will be no cable and no computer... so i'll be taking a good book and my iPod and that's it! i do wish eric was coming but he's too busy doing the festival 'thing' in west virginia - how anyone could sit around a listen to grateful dead-like bands, for 3 days, is beyond me (rolls eyes)... he didn't even finish, "do you want to go?" before i said, "hell no, are you crazy!"... i know, what a great girlfriend... ;o)

thanks to all those that took part in my question game, thought i would list what some of you wrote in your comments:

sizzle: wants to try flamenco dancing
kl: is excited about exercising again
marie: would love to take a writing class
sarah: wants to try stripper 101
anne: is curious about traveling solo
sharla: recently tried kayaking
angelfish: would like to try salsa dancing and sky diving
carolyn: sees herself doing a cooking show
kate: tried running and now loves it
glam: her inner bad-ass wants to try boxing
foo: would like to get her motorcycle license, illustrate a children's book, and join a boxing gym

ladies, i think these are all GREAT but my next question is - what's stopping you?! ;o)

i've been meaning to buy some new books so i paid a visit to amazon today - have any of you heard of our lady of weight loss? janice taylor is a weight loss coach who wrote a book that is full of creative ideas and inspiration (she lost 50 pounds by exchanging fat for art)... so i grabbed both of her books, and also picked up one by donna still called ditch the scales since i'm trying to not let the scale dictate my happiness... i'll give a review once i've read them... :o)

a lot of people seem to be talking about this 100 pushups challenge - i admit that i'm not the best at doing the standard kind (without bending knees) so it could be worth looking into... i also found out that my local rec center has a pilates class starting on 7/29 - i used to take it there but stopped when they changed class times... thought it would only be for 5-weeks, it's still worth considering and would definitely fit into my new 'change is good' theme... :o)

have a great weekend, everyone, and happy friday...

update: i went ahead and registered for the pilates class - i can't WAIT til it starts... :~)

Sizzle  – (12:42 PM)  

Collectively we've got some great ideas. :-) Those books sound good- keep us posted, will you?

Little Things  – (1:18 PM)  

I can do 23 standard push ups. I could probably do more if I worked at it. I might have to work at it because I have a new goal. Going to Vegas and I want to wear a bikini for the first time there. We all know how everyone looks hot, so if I don't get pregnant I want to firm up even more.

What's stopping me about stripper 101...I'm extremely shy, and from the video it looks like girlfriends go there and bachelorette parties.

Too bad me, you , and Anne can't meet up for it. Hahaha!!

Have fun this weekend relaxing!! Take pictures!!

JODI  – (1:35 PM)  

man, how fun would that be! i think we should seriously ponder that thought - i've never been to vegas... ;o)

Anne  – (1:54 PM)  

I've never been to vegas either.... ;) Hmmmmm

Chris H  – (3:03 AM)  

Ahh ha! Knew you would follow up the previous post's question with "what's stopping you?" LOL.... dats why I didn't say.... what I have always wanted to do! Mostly I want to go on a fishing holiday with just my hubby, in a far off, warm tropical spot! What's stopping me? Friggin kids. Hope you have a neat weekend chick.

carla  – (6:43 AM)  

cant wait to hear what you think of the book.

I just finished all of Jen Lancaster's and LOVELOVELOVE.


Vickie  – (7:39 AM)  

LOVE pilates - glad you found a class time that works. In my free weights class we do a lot of pilates moves WITH WEIGHTS. When we are done - we all feel like little puddles on the floor - but GREAT tone.

the veggie paparazzo  – (9:04 PM)  

Your weekend sounds like heaven---soooo peaceful! I'm envious. :)

Sharla Rae  – (10:40 PM)  

Your weekend sonds very relaxing. Enjoy!

Fear is what was stopping me from kayaking-now, I've been on the phone finding out about rental!

Anne  – (7:05 PM)  

What's stopping me? Money! lol

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