54 more days

the official countdown begins until my next 'real' vacation which is the week of labor day... it was definitely weird being at the beach without actually camping at the state park, but it's a good thing we didn't because there was some major rain, thunder, and lightening on friday night... they still had fireworks though so that was nice, even if we had to sit under a pavillion to watch them, but other than that - eric and i had a successful, last-minute trip to the ocean (pics to come soon)... :o)

we left at the crack of dawn on friday morning and were on the beach by 10:00am... we stopped for breakfast at this diner we usually go too and also made a pit stop at wa-wa for their iced-coffee - i've raved about it before but seriously, it's like the best thing ever... anyway, we headed to the park, changed at the bathhouse, and then hit the beach with our chairs, umbrella, and loaded cooler that wasn't very sand-friendly... there were some clouds in the morning but after lunch, it was sunny and warm for the rest of the day and both of us agreed that we were very lucky since the forecast said showers... it was nice to relax, read a good book, and watch the porpoises swim up and down the coastline... for dinner - we went to this local seafood restaurant (again, another oddity when you're used to using a campstove!) and i had the jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab imperial - it was delish! dessert was ice cream from this quaint little shop and that was our day! :o)

on saturday, we were concerned about the weather again but after breakfast - we packed-up and hit the beach agreeing that if it turned - we'd hit the road early... needless to say, 6:00 rolled around and we were still on the beach! ha! after a few raindrops decided to fall though, off we went to the bathhouse to shower/change and hit the road (after getting another iced-coffee of course)... the drive home took less than 2.5 hours and there was no traffic, guess everyone's coming home today... :o)

yesterday, we did stuff around the house/yard as well as go for a short ride since once again - rain was in the forecast... i picked some huge squash and zucchini, and our tomatoes are going to start turning very, very soon... i made another batch of pesto and we had for the dinner last night over some whole wheat pasta - yummy... movie of the night: the fifth element - talk about a blast from the past (1997!)... :o)

today has been relatively quiet - i did some treadmill work but forgot my iPod so i found it incredibly difficult to stay motivated while running... i think i did about 40 minutes jog/walk, then some abs, then called it a day... tonight i have to run up to my mom's and pick-up my sister's cat, since they're leaving for their trip this week, and i'm also hoping to pick more blueberries - i miss having them on my cereal and in my yogurt... :o)

happy monday...

totegirl  – (5:01 PM)  

I'm so glad you were able to get this last minute mini-vacay going! Sounds like a blast!

Cannot wait to see pics!

Little Things  – (7:50 PM)  

Sounds like a nice time and great food!! We just got our first 3 red tomatoes yesterday. They've been green forever. It was pretty exciting hahaha. Isn't it fun to grow your own veggies?!!

Anne  – (9:23 PM)  

Ah, sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!
I'm back to blogging btw...again. lol

KL  – (3:04 AM)  

What an awesome getaway!

CaRoLyN  – (7:23 AM)  

The countdown is on!
At least you have something to look forward to and it sounds lik eyou had an amazing weekend (make sure you post some pics!)

Do you have the recipe for your pesto? Scott and I LOVE pesto but I've never attempted to make my own, always buy from the grocery store.

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