the next chapter

the time has come for a change and i see no better time than here and now (plus i really wanted to update the look of my blog)... it's nothing new or drastic and honestly - i've been doing it for quite some time now... i figured there was no reason to keep pretending that i'm doing something when i'm really not, so this morning i canceled my eTools membership... i have used it sparingly over the last few months and yes, i feel it's a great tool but it's not really adding anything to my life right now (plus i will be saving $17/month)... :o)

weight watchers has served me well and helped me lose over 25 pounds - for that i am very grateful... it has taught me portion control, how to make better food choices, how exercise is vital to making you healthy and happy, and that italian and mexican food can still be enjoyed while losing weight... i just feel that 3+ years is enough for me and i'm tired of worrying/thinking/planning about what i can and cannot have... sure i have gained a few pounds here and there but overall, i've kept most of the weight off since 2005 and that tells me i can continue on this next chapter and be confident with my decision... :o)

will i ever go back to WW? who knows - maybe one day when i have a wedding to plan or baby-weight to lose, it will become part of my life again but only time will tell... i have seen a few other bloggers start doing their own thing - sarah being one of them... she admits to not being perfect all the time but she's happy and healthy and that's what matters right? i would love to know who else has done the same thing and not regretted their decision - please share your story! :o)

so what now, you ask? i will continue to blog but will no longer be doing weekly weigh-ins here, though i will be keeping track on my own... i'm not sure if i will do the weekly or monthly thing yet so we'll see where that goes... i have a busy summer ahead of me with 3 weddings this month alone and visiting my dad, so i really wanted to cutback on things i had to worry about and just enjoy myself... i hope you continue to read and i will try my best to keep things exciting...

happy hump day...

CaRoLyN  – (1:01 PM)  

First of all, love the new look :)

Secondly, I hear ya on the WW front. I have been on WW now for almost 2 and a half years and right now, to me, it's more about making the right choices rather than couting points and getting the most bang for my WW points. I have been keeping a mental tally of my points everyday just to keep myself in check but I'm not writing anything down and I'm not being super strict on myself. By now, we've come so far, we know what we should be eating, we know what works for us and we know that we should say no to seconds to to that chocolate bar. So I think you are making the right decision and I think it's probably what all WWer's eventually come to.
Good luck and I'll be cheering you on!

Steph  – (1:01 PM)  

Love the new look and the new leash on life!! I say good for you - you know how to be healthy and you know what is right for your body! Now you need to just go out there and enjoy being beautiful!!


Fatinah  – (1:17 PM)  

I like the new look of the blog....

I will be looking forward to reading about the next chapter. Personally, I'm one of those people that will have to follow WW till I die. The minute I stop tracking, I gain. I have to internal control.

Anyhow - good on you!!

I really like your profile picture - you have a beautiful smile.

Anne  – (1:28 PM)  

I'm so happy that you're in this great place. I can relate with you and Sarah because I am there as well. I still weigh myself every day, but it's just to keep myself in check, I count pts in my head more or less, but I don't freak out if there is an unplanned meal and I don't think about food every minute of the day.

Yeah for us!I'm glad you'll still be blogging :)

Wow, three weddings this month! We have three this summer/'s getting

Kate  – (2:12 PM)  

Congrats on taking the next step. I totally know that you've taught yourself ways that you can live with for a life time.

I too, was getting a little too focused on what the scale was saying, so I stepped off and put it away. I'm still following WW's in loss mode, just not weighing so often, and I truly think it's helping!

Can't wait to keep tabs on this new phase for you!

Little Things  – (2:14 PM)  

This is a very exciting time for you Jodi and freeing. I hope it works out for you like it has for me. I check the scale every so often to make sure nothing gets out of control, and it really never has. Like you said WW has given us the tools, and we know what works and doesn't.

Woohooo for the 3 of us! :)

Sizzle  – (4:19 PM)  

The new look is so edgy- love it!

VeggieGal  – (9:39 PM)  

Gotta say, good for you. I don't really know what I'm doing. I count calories, not points, but I'm a WW member. I don't use the eTools (just ended that) because they are not that user friendly. I use The Daily Plate. I sometimes go to weigh in but only when I think I lost weight... So I say good for you, at least you know what you are doing! :)

Vickie  – (7:27 AM)  

LOVE the water graphic/picture at the top - very peaceful!

Greta  – (8:23 AM)  

LOVE the new look! and BTW you look fantastic at the beach!!

I TOTALLY understand the WW feeling. They helped me lose 25 lbs over a year and it was fabulous. But I got so tired of counting and worrying about it all. I still struggle, as you know, but you have the tools to eat well and take care of're going to be fine for sure.

JavaChick  – (9:46 AM)  

I cancelled my WW a while back. It just wasn't working for me. I'm not blaming WW, I know it has worked for many people. I'm not sure what my problem is exactly.

I've also been doing less weight loss related blogging because I was stressing myself out and it was not a good way to be. Lately I feel like I'm writing a garden blog more than anything else, but that's ok. I'm still working out, I'm still trying to eat sensibly, I'm just taking a break from worrying about weigh-ins.

I will get back to it, because I have 25 pounds to lose. I just needed to stop the crazy for a while.

*Bitch Cakes*  – (12:35 PM)  

Wow - that's a big decision, but I'm sure you gave it serious thought. You have to do what's right for you. Congrats on your success and I love the new blog format!

Teresa  – (1:15 PM)  

The new layout is nice! Can't wait to catch up on all you news.

Teresa  – (1:15 PM)  

The new layout is nice! Can't wait to catch up on all you news. Here's to your success.

the veggie paparazzo  – (3:26 PM)  

What a brave change, Jodi! I know you can do it. I've found that, for me, keeping self-care in the forefront of my mind keeps the weigh-ins reasonable without counting a thing.

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