peace and quiet

well, my weekend didn't quite start the way i planned - i received a text message early saturday morning (5:20am) from eric saying he had lost his keys at the festival... he said he lost them playing frisbee (rolls eyes), had looked everywhere, and couldn't find them... good thing that i was already planning to go out that way AND that i'm the bestest girlfriend in the world because otherwise, he would've been stranded... since i couldn't get back to sleep - i got up, got ready, headed over to his house to get the spare keys, and hit the road... we met at an exit off the highway near my dad's - he was very apologetic and thanked me numerous times but i'm still allowed to call him a dumbass... this is just one more reason why i have no interest in going to these things because you're in the middle of nowhere and could get stranded! here was our parting conversation... ;-)

me: so, you know i'm going to blog about this
eric: yea, i know
me: muah, ha ha ha ha!

the rest of my weekend was good - i was able to spend a lot of time w/my dad yesterday as well as see my sister and nieces for a while... i stayed at their cabin which is on some property near another state park - it's small but very cozy and has all the comforts of home minus a phone, tv, or internet connection... i was greeted by mr. and mrs. deer when i got home last night, and then quickly prepared dinner before i got too dark to eat outside... it was quiet and peaceful but very lonely at the same time - i wish eric was there to enjoy the tranquil evening but as you can see by the paragraph above, he was having his own fun somewhere in WV... :-p

this morning i went for a long hike, my guess is around 3-4 miles - i didn't see a single person or animal, which is weird for being a state park and all, and the one trail was VERY challenging (very uphill)... i was gone for almost 2 hours, came back, made coffee, got ready, and made myself breakfast which consisted of fresh, blueberry pancakes (nothing lowfat here unfortunately)... if i hadn't gone for a hike, i would've never had such a breakfast so i enjoyed it immensely... after leaving - i went back to see my dad, though he was asleep for most of the visit, and hit the road early this afternoon... traffic was terrible coming home and it was pouring so hard that i could barely see the road! i'm glad to be back with my kitties - max and zoe seem to have made peace so all is well in the land of jodi... :-)

here are some pics of my weekend, enjoy! :o)

Anne  – (8:49 PM)  

Gorgeous pictures! What a great place to go and relax. I had blueberry crepes for breakfast, so good!

Kim  – (10:34 PM)  

You really ARE the bestest girlfriend ever!! :) I love the pictures that you took. Looks like a very peaceful place indeed. And now I want me some blueberry pancakes....

Little Things  – (10:52 PM)  

Mmmmm those pancakes look insanely good! Love the stream and trail pic too!! I wish I was there hahaha!!

I love that you said you were going to blog about it, and he said I know! Hahahaha!! That's really funny!!

Last night David and I saw the first Hellboy. It was really good! I don't know why I never saw it before, as with you I thought Pans was GREAT! We saw the trailer for HB2, and it looks pretty damn good, so we decided we better see the first one. I wish I knew HB! Hahahaha. He's a big teddy bear with great sarcasm!

Chris H  – (11:05 PM)  

Oh. My. God.... stuff the nature photos... would ya look at those pancakes???? I so want some right now! **Drooling**

Sharla Rae  – (12:30 AM)  

I loved your pictures! The first pancake one looks like it should be in a magazine!

The trails and streams are pretty!

KL  – (3:10 AM)  

What an awesome weekend! So tranquil and quiet ... and yummy!

Greta  – (8:16 AM)  

OMG I LOVE that cute! I suppose it was WAY too warm for a romantic in the winter. mmmmmm.
Those pancakes look so good too. And the hike pics are gorgeous. Looks like a lovely time for sure.

Irie_Key  – (11:41 AM)  

What a lovely place to spend time. The BB pancakes look yummy.You do win the bestest award for the weekend.

Teresa  – (12:36 PM)  

Love the pictures of Your weekend in the country. It all looks so relaxing. Those pancakes are to die for! What a nice girlfriend you are to help out your guy.

Have a great day.

Thanks for your nice comments about DD. We were sad we didn't get to have a little henna tattoo. Oh well next time.

Steph  – (1:39 PM)  

That place looks beautiful - I am so jealous!!

Hope that all is well with your dad! I'm thinking of you guys.

Aimee  – (4:22 PM)  

Yummy Yummy blueberry pancakes!!!!

->cara  – (8:05 PM)  

I agree with Sharla Rae, that photo seriously belongs in a magazine! I love the picture that shows the rolling hills in the background of the pancakes. As if the pancakes them self aren't enough to make me want to lick my computer monitor, but you throw throw those beautiful mountains in the background and it makes me want to crawl inside my monitor. The depth of field is awesome, too!

That cabin is precious! My mom lives in a log cabin, too. She adores it. And of course a log cabin simply has to be out in the middle of nowhere. Where peace and quite are just the only option available, right?

*Bitch Cakes*  – (12:38 PM)  

What a lovely weekend and great pictures! Those blueberry pancakes are KILLING ME! I think I have to make some for myself this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration :)

totegirl  – (4:26 PM)  

Wow! Amazing pictures! And what an amazing little cabin! I'm jealous!!!!

Love the new look and love your new profile pic! Simply mah-velous, dahling!

~Les  – (11:00 AM)  

BEAUTIFUL pics! Wow. There are just not any sights as beautiful as that in Oklahoma (well, except for the pancakes). LOL!


Katschi  – (2:36 PM)  

I just found your blog & had to tell you that I think my blood pressure just went down several points looking at these pictures. What a beautiful place for hiking.
You had me at the blueberry pancakes :)

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