since this is MY blog, i am allowed to bend the rules a bit... i knew i'd be going out to dinner last night so i weighed-in yesterday morning and was happy to see a 1-pound loss... slowly but surely, i'm getting down to where i was a few months ago - not sure why it's taking so long but a loss is a loss... even if i DID count this morning's weigh-in, i would've maintained for the week so really - either one is pretty good... :o)

my friend, mike, and i have been doing birthday dinners since we were 16 (that makes this year lucky #21)... i'm not sure how it started but we've managed to keep it going this long and i'm very thankful that he's still in my life... between him and his wife, gail, they have been such great friends, through all my trials and tribulations, various jobs, and boyfriends... and even though i never thought he'd be married and have 3 kids (esp. before me) - he has always been there for me, regardless of how stupid my problem or issue was... it's good to have a person like that, in your life, and i feel blessed... as for dinner - we went to this nice seafood place and i ordered the scallops (1st time ever) with kale and garlic mashed potatoes... mmm mmm... even though i did NOT order dessert, i did have a 'javatini' that was TO DIE FOR... coffee + alcohol = yummy! :o)

work has been quiet but busy - my boss gave me a newsletter to do so between that and the appendix, i've been formatting charts/tables for the last two days... i'm hoping the rest of the week is quiet esp. since we have off friday and we get to leave early tomorrow - i'm looking forward to the long weekend even though i was just on vacation... maybe i'll actually go somewhere, weather depending of course... :o)

time to catch-up on your blogs, have a great day! :o)

happy hump day...

totegirl  – (4:56 PM)  

Woohoo for the loss! I was thinking about weighing early my own self...

OMG a javatini sounds like HEAVEN! I must have one!

Fatinah  – (8:57 PM)  

great loss! smart gal to do it before the dinner! nothing worse than water retention throwing your #'s off!

Take One Stripper Pole  – (2:42 AM)  

Friends like that are keepers! Glad you had so much fun and you lost the pound! Woo Hoo!

CaRoLyN  – (7:14 AM)  

Very sweet that you guys are still holding up the tradition!

Congrats on the loss. A loss is a loss is a loss. Take it and run with it darlin.

btw-Did you guys end up seeing The Happening? What did you think?

Teresa  – (10:19 AM)  

Yeah for the loss. Have a great
4th of July holiday. Hope the weather is fantastic.

Kate  – (11:43 AM)  

Congrats on the the loss. Isn't it funny how it seems like it takes no time to gain it, but forever to get it back off?

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