last week, a friend of mine was in town for a few days so we met up for drinks on thursday night and had a chance to catch-up... i have been friends with these guys for years and still remain pretty close to them, so it's always nice to hang out when we get the chance... i've technically known mike (top-left) since the 1st grade but then he was transferred to another elementary school and we reconnected in jr. high... i've known jon (bottom-left) since the 2nd grade and am proud to say we won a 'slow-dance' contest at chuckie bonbreast's bday party in 6th grade... and i've known craig (bottom-right) since jr. high and to say he was the class-clown, is an understatement... our group, plus a few more, were pretty inseparable until graduation - i feel so VERY lucky to have met and stayed friends with such a great bunch of guys... anyhoo, mike and jon still live in the area and both have 3 kids - i'm also good friends with their wives so it's a nice little group we have going... hard to believe our 20th high school reunion is coming up next year... holy crap! :o)

my friend, craig, asked us if we were on facebook and at that point - i hadn't even considered joining but of course, gave in and am now a member (is that what you even call it?)... since then, i've reconnected with some people from HS - one even asked if i wanted to take charge of the reunion (uh, no thanks!)... i'll offer my creative services but that's about it... anyway, i'm not sure how it works but i guess if you'd like to become my friend, you can find my profile here... :o)

work has been quiet but i keep saying that i know things will change soon... i realized yesterday that i had neglected to email my boss about my camping trip in september (labor day week) even though i KNOW i had mentioned it to her... at least by then, the other designer will be here and it won't be as crazy... 38 days to go... :o)

as for everything else - i have to say it's been great not worrying about the scale... i haven't been on it since last week and think i'll do my next unofficial weigh-in around the 1-month mark... i did get 2 of my 3 books that i ordered, i just haven't had time to sit down and start reading... once this weekend is over (going to my dad's sat and another wedding sun), i will make more of an effort - plus i'm excited about pilates class starting on tues so things are good... :o)

happy thursday...

Kate  – (11:19 AM)  

Do you find that you can gauge whether or not your losing/gaining based on how you feel and how your clothes fit? I think I can!

Sounds like you are one busy girl, how many weddings can one go to in a month? LOL

Little Things  – (7:48 PM)  

I so do not get how to work facebook. I just don't! I tried and deleted it.
You look beautiful in that dress at the wedding!! You totally looked fantastic!!
My mother in laws surgery went really well. She has to be in the hospital for 5 days. Sorry I didn't email back. I read the email on my blackberry, and then I totally forgot until now to sign on to aol through the internet to reply back. I will not lie, I am kinda lazy about emails.

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