back from the dead

sorry about being MIA - time just slipped-away from me last week and we left for our 2-wedding adventure on friday morning so i didn't have time to post anything... i'm glad to be home though and after driving almost 1,000 miles - i never thought i'd be happy to be back in MD... of course, that does not include being happy about going back to work - there's something about having a 4-day weekend that just throws your system for a loop... but luckily, it's been a quiet day and i'm looking forward to hitting the gym since i haven't worked-out since last thursday... i have some pictures to post but will have to do that later - stay tuned! :o)

so in between all this wedding stuff - eric came down with a bout of diverticulitis on weds and has pretty much been in pain since then (though not as bad now, thankfully)... he learned from his mom over the weekend that his grandfather suffered from the same ailment so it's definitely inherited... eric has a stomach of steel normally but after this happened - he could barely eat and certainly couldn't drink anything (not the best combos for a wedding weekend, if you know what i mean)... but he was my little super-trooper and did his best to put on a good face regardless of crappy he was feeling - i'm not sure how well i could've faked it myself so i just wanted to thank him for being a good sport... :o)

wedding #1 was good... it was my college roommate's wedding - it was outside and i believe the temp was around 95 degrees, if not warmer, and humid beyond belief... i could feel the sweat dripping down my legs when we got there and i'm usually not a sweater... nikki gave me the task of helping the men get ready so that was fun - i've known her dad/brother/nephew for years so it was nice to be included... their ceremony was nice, not too long but very traditional... the reception was in an old mill and luckily - air conditioned! it was nice and small which is something that i'd like to have when i get married... anyway, since we had to leave at the crack of dawn on saturday - we left around 11:00pm but between wired from the day's events AND having the loudest a/c unit in the world - i probably got 2 hours sleep... i was not a happy camper come saturday that's for sure... :o(

wedding #2 was good as well... we had to drive clear-cross the state of PA on saturday morning in order to make eric's sister's wedding at 2:00pm... eric was beginning to feel a tad better so i let him drive for a bit (i had been doing most of the driving at this point)... we got to his parents around 11:30, relaxed for a bit, got ready, and then headed south to be at the church by 1:30... it was in a gorgeous, huge, catholic church and once again - it was hot but not as humid, thankfully... their dad 'walked' jill down the aisle (in his wheelchair) which was quite moving, and the ceremony was definitely more traditional with a lot of singing, kneeling, and the usual catholic stuff... the reception was at the hotel where we were staying so that was convenient, again it was nice and small so it was easy to talk to everyone and hangout... because of my lack of sleep and eric not feeling well - we went to bed around 11:00! pretty sad huh! :o(

we hung out w/some relatives on sunday morning, said our goodbyes and then headed back to his parents til monday... we got to spend some time w/eric's 3-year old nephews and norman's sister, which is always nice (she even caught a mole for us and proceeded to eat it right in front of us!)... the highlight of sunday though was going to see the new batman movie at the drive-in theater... i've been to one before but never one that had FIVE screens - it was crazy... i could literally turn around and watch 'hellboy' if i wanted too... i thought 'the dark knight' was a great movie though around the 2-hour mark - fog started to roll-in so the screen was very hard to see... we may have to go see it again because of this - we laughed and laughed... :o)

happy tuesday...

Kate  – (3:54 PM)  

What a weekend!

I can't wait to see Dark Knight myself!

Little Things  – (5:19 PM)  

Oh I feel for Eric. My mother in law found out she had that after last Thanksgiving. She was rushed to the ER at 3am. And actually she has to go in for surgery for it tomorrow morning. She's had several bad days with it, and a couple weeks ago she was told she had to have the surgery. Tell Eric not to mess with it!! If he feels bad he has to go to the doctor or he could end up like my MIL. She is staying with us right now, and when she had her last attack, she was so stubborn about not taking care of it, and waited a week to see the doctor about the pain. The doctor told her she should have gone to the ER that day instead of waiting a week. Anyway hope Eric is okay. BTW don't leave a comment about this on my blog because she reads my blog, and I don't want her to know I was talking about her. :)

I'm jealous your saw DK, I'm still waiting!! Can't wait to see it!

JavaChick  – (12:54 PM)  

Sounds like a whirlwind of a weekend! I haven't been to a drive-in in years, don't even think there are any around here.

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