nothing wrong with a little change

thank-you for the kind words re: the next chapter and compliments on the redesign - i've always been one who likes to change things up every once in a while... when i was younger, i rearranged my bedroom all the time because i would get bored and didn't want to get used to it being a certain way... guess i'm pretty much the same way now - as much as i think i'm consistent with certain things, i usually change something even if it's very minor... like what i eat for lunch, or my weight routine, or my jogging route (see below), or even my hair and what clothes i'm wearing... :o)

now some may argue that there's nothing wrong with being consistent because it helps you stay on whatever plan you're doing and be more successful at losing weight... i'm just saying that for me, doing new things helped me stay motivated - like trying new foods, running my first 5K, and taking a kickboxing class... 5 years ago, i would've said, "thanks but no thanks, i'll just keep taking my step-class twice a week" but now, things are much different... i WANT to challenge myself and do things that i never thought i would try - maybe i'll like them and maybe i won't but that's all part of growing and learning... even this week, i bought my first container of greek yogurt - i haven't tried it yet but i'm pretty excited about it... ;o)

question #1: what have you been dying to try OR what have you tried lately and would like to share with others? it can be anything so don't be shy!

question #2: for those of you NOT officially weighing-in anymore - how often do you jump on the scale? daily? weekly? monthly? just curious...

happy thursday...

Sizzle  – (4:50 PM)  

I keep hearing good things about greek yogurt.

I really want to try flamenco dancing. But I am a short Irish girl and worry I will look ridiculous.

KL  – (5:42 PM)  

I keep hearing good things about Greek yogurt too (the Fage from Trader Joe's, specifically).

There are foods I miss because I don't make them as often since Max doesn't like them. While he's out of town this week, I'm having a diet rich in fish, spinach, and mushrooms. The house will smell vile from the fish when I'm done, but I'm really excited about that.

As for trying things, I think I'm actually going to try exercising ... something I haven't been doing much of lately.

BTW, I love the redesign and especially the new pix!

marie  – (6:01 PM)  

Oooh - i missed yesterday! I like the colours!!!

I still weigh myself daily so I can't comment on number two, but I would LOVE to take a writing class. Although writing is in my profession, I always need to brush up on it :)

VeggieGal  – (6:58 PM)  

:) Thanks for coming by... Greek Yogurt: it's tart, you can add a little Splenda if you like, I got used to it and because I dump so much fruit in it, I am learning to love the taste, and it's a nutritional powerhouse!

Little Things  – (8:19 PM)  

I jump on the scale every couple days to make sure I'm doing okay on my own.
Something I want to try...well I am going to Vegas in two months, and I saw at the Aladdin they have a thing called Stripper 101. I saw a video, and it looks fun. No guys are allowed, but I am terribly shy, and don't have a girlfriend to go with. So something I want to try, but wont. And you don't get naked. You work a pull and learn how to lap dance. Haha. It says you burn 400-600 calories in the hour and 15 mins there.

I like change too, and I always changed my room and colors of paint all the time as a kid and as an adult. I think it means we are creative people. :)

Anne  – (9:48 PM)  

I get on the scale everyday before I hop in the shower just to make sure the numbers are staying the same or going down, it's just to keep me in check, I'm not obsessed with the numbers though, they don't make or break my day.

Something I'd like to try...I would love to travel on my own. Sounds silly that I wouldn't want to bring my husband along, but I think I would enjoy exploring a new country on my own and be able to say that I did it. Maybe someday.

spunkysuzi  – (10:57 PM)  

i would love to try pilates ;)

Sharla Rae  – (12:40 AM)  

I have wanted to go kayaking. I went today and loved it!

I get on the scale about once a week. I tell more with how my clothes fit.

I get the re arranging thing! I change things up every season!

angelfish24  – (1:17 AM)  

Like the new blog look!!!
Let's see...what have I been dying to salsa lessons (some day) and skydiving! I think I'm going to do the skydiving with my cousin next summer after I finish my'll be a nice reward! I'm scared but I think it'll be a big thrill.
I weigh in most days in the AM before my shower. I don't know why I weigh in so often even if I'm not losing, I just want to see the number...sick I know. ha!

Vickie  – (4:31 AM)  

My personal opinion is - if getting on the scale does not cause eating disorder behavior/thinking -then I would suggest weighing EVERY day.

That said - I have not been on the scale in a year and am just testing myself to see if I do/think okay with getting back on daily.

And for the year that I was not on the scale - my food was very, very careful and my exercise was very, very consistent.

I personally think that you can NOT have it both ways.

If the food is loosey goosey - then must get on the scale.

if the food is very exact (measured and counted) and the exercise is really strong - and one is mathmatically "even" (what is going out and what is going in) then the scale becomes less important.

I also do not wear 'stretchy' clothes - I have a zipper in my pants and skirts and shorts. My only elastic waist bands are at the gym or yoga studio or pj's.

My weight has been rock solid for a year (almost no scale) - but some people would consider that a 'rigid' year.

I rarely eat out - I eat almost no processed - I eat only at meal time - I eat evenly from the food groups at meal time. I measure my food.

But I do NOT track - I just eat "square meals" from the food groups.

CaRoLyN  – (7:14 AM)  

This is an odd one that I don't share with anyone but....I have always wanted to try filming a cooking show. Even just one episode. When I was growing up, I would do a lot of baking and each time I would be in the kitchen alone, I would start talking (yes, out loud!) about my technique, baking ideas, substitutes...the whole bit. Although hard to admit, I still do it now occasionally hahah! I'm obsessed with cooking shows and whenever I'm home alone, the food network is always on.

I have had a recent break up with the scale and it's been about 3 weeks I believe. I'm in no rush to jump back on. I'm really loving that I can guage how I am doing by the way my clothes fit, the way I feel etc. LOVE IT!

Kate  – (9:30 AM)  

I had really wanted to try running, not on the treadmill, but outside for quite sometime, but I was afraid to, afraid to look stupid, and now that I've tried it, I wished I would've sooner, I love it!

The scale, when I did go to maintenance last summer, I was weighing daily, and I don't know that that was the best option for me. I think I am finding weighing monthly, with maybe a spot check now and then is best for me.

And regarding the 100 pushup challenge I'm doing, you can find info here

let me know if you have any questions!

Glam  – (11:01 AM)  

I've always had this desire to unleash my inner bad ass. I want to box semi-pro but am scared that I wouldn't be able to push my body to the limits. And I hate to lose. And being hit. So I'm still working on that one!

I also like to shake things up too. I get bored pretty quickly...

Weighing in. What's that? Lol.

Foo  – (11:37 AM)  

I've been dying to get my motorcycle license, to write/iilustrate a children's book and to join a boxing gym. Not sure what I'm waiting for.

I weigh myself about every 3-4 days.It's a challenge to not get on every single day, but I do let it ruin my day if the results aren't what I was expecting.

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