heading to the beach

eric and i have been talking about going to the beach for weeks, but the campground we normally go too was full and all the hotels/motels were booked (or too expensive)... last night he goes, "let's get up at the crack of dawn and just go for the day" and i was all for it (considering it's less than a 3-hour drive)... but today he found a motel room, in lewes (which is right down from the campground), that had a cancellation - though the room isn't cheap, it's near downtown and in walking distance of the ocean... how lucky is that?!?! now all we need is for the weather-gods to be nice and keep the rain away! but either way, it will be good to have some downtime at the ocean - this will feel more like a vacation that what i had last week... :o)

work has been quiet today and they're sending people home at 2:00... i had a NSV too - there was an email sent around saying, "come and enjoy fresh cupcakes" so i went and looked at them and decided to pass... they were bigger than big and full of icing - knowing i would only have a few bites, i figured it would be a waste... GO JODI! anyway, i offered to stay and do the weekly stat-posting so hopefully it won't come too late - not that i have anywhere to go but i wouldn't mind having an extra long afternoon... i have a hair appointment later and then it's off to eric's to start packing the car and going thru my list of what we'll need for our roadtrip... :o)

i hope you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July... :o)

happy thursday...

Little Things  – (1:53 PM)  

Oh how nice that will be. You must take tons of pictures and post them!!!

Woohooo for your NSV! High five!!

Have fun at the beach!!

Diet Coke and Zingers  – (3:31 PM)  

Way to stay away from the cupcakes. I probably would have jumped in head first! Have a great weekend at the beach!

Kim  – (11:17 PM)  

Have a fabulous time at the beach!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have sun!! :)

totegirl  – (2:18 PM)  

I hope you are having the most fabulous time ever! Hooray for skipping the cupcakes! Yay!

JavaChick  – (10:20 PM)  

That sounds lovely! Hope you have a great trip. :)

carla  – (6:23 AM)  

huge victory on the cupcakes.
Im not sure why I can pass on CAKECAKE without giving it a thought---but the cup? it's a struggle.


Dee  – (10:13 AM)  

Great job on the cupcake, and have a great time at the beach!

KL  – (12:34 AM)  

Lots of great things going on for you ... love that you stayed away from the cupcakes. As for cupcakes, I really just like the icing. I can sometimes find someone to share with me ... I get the icing and they get the cake.
Hope things worked out for the beach! Sounds like it was going to be awesome!

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