only 1 day left

my last day-off is halfway over and that makes me sad - i hate to admit that i'm bored but i am, and that's what happens when you don't plan anything... okay, i had planned on going to the pool but now it's cloudy - not sure what plan B is but i know plan C is to hit the 5:30 spin class... plan D is to make pesto for dinner because my herb garden is doing really good and as you can see by the pic, the basil is doing extraordinarily well (eric thought it would be funny to show just how big the leaves were by using his beer bottle)... :o)

my doctor's appt. went okay considering all she did was take some blood... the doc wasn't there so i couldn't ask him anything - maybe when the results come back, i'll have a better idea if it's my levels that are off or just me (ha!)... i also hit the big thrift store on the way back and grabbed a cute skirt and jean capris - every monday the store is 25% so i definitely got a good deal... :o)

my extended weekend was good - i got to hang out with my girlfriend and her kids on friday, that's always fun since i don't get to see them very often... on saturday, my mom and i went to this small art/craft show in shepherdstown, wv - i made the mistake of wearing my new birks and god were my feet/legs killing me saturday night (i suppose they're more comfortable when they're broken in?)... on sunday - eric and i went for a ride but it was pretty cloudy most of the time and i was cold (imagine that!)... for dinner, we made mac'n cheese because eric was inspired by the challenge i was watching on the food network (he says he doesn't watch but i know he does!) - it was pretty darn good and i'm sure, not very point-friendly but whatever... i think i did okay this weekend so i'm hoping to see at least another pound gone on wednesday...

well, that's it for me... i just downloaded the new coldplay album so i may put that on and go thru some old magazines before i put them in the recycle bin...

happy monday...

ThickChick  – (2:08 PM)  

Wow, your basil looks great!! I wish I would have taken the time to plant some herbs during the spring. We waste a lot of $$ buying fresh ones when they're really not that difficult to grow.

Teresa  – (2:09 PM)  

Wow another person with a green thumb! Enjoy that pesto and your day off.

Little Things  – (12:29 AM)  

I'm loving the coldplay album, and my mom is hooked too! Hahaha.

WOW!! Your basil is putting my basil to shame!! Don't you just love the smell of it. Yours is so pretty, I am a bit jealous of how big it is, and that beer bottle really puts it perspective.

Vickie  – (5:27 AM)  

We got to the pool yesterday about 5pm and at 5:05 pm I was digging through my trunk looking for a sweatshirt. cold didn't stop the kids from swimming - but it was quite chilly!

Greta  – (9:40 AM)  

The basil looks awesome!
I tend to get bored on vacations as well- I just do better doing something. Something other than work anyway ;)

Mandy  – (10:40 PM)  

You're basil is fabulous! I will definitely plant some herbs next year!

KL  – (10:49 PM)  

I'm a bit bored with my vacation, too. And I still have a month to go! My big project for the next few weeks stinks enough that I keep putting it off -- getting my house ready for a roommate.
Your basil is amazing!

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