okay, okay, OKAY - I GET IT... the scale should be either staying the same or moving down but not going up each week (.2 pounds)... as much as i've needed to 'doing my own thing' for a while, it's time to regroup and refocus... i don't see what i was doing as bad or throwing in the towel but nonetheless, i seem to be creeping closer to 160 and would rather be closer to 150... i didn't think i could feel the difference but i can (in general, not in my clothes thankfully) so first thing this morning - i logged onto eTools, entered my weight, and started tracking again... so far, so good... :o)

so that is the bad news of the day... the good news is that my boss presented me with an achievement award for doing such an outstanding job on the annual meeting... i certainly wasn't expecting it so that was pretty cool - i hate getting this kind of thing but know i worked my ass off and will putting the check right into my savings account.. she said, "treat yourself to something nice" and my thought was, "i need to get out of here and take a vacation, that's what i REALLY need"... i didn't touch my tax credit money either so this will be a nice addition... i could also use a spa-day so maybe i'll plan on doing that sometime soon... :o)

my bro-in-law retired so the park is having a BBQ/retirement party for him tomorrow... my brother, his g/f, my mom, and i will be going out for the day so it should be fun, as long as the weather cooperates... i would also like to squeeze-in a visit with my dad... they say it will be close to 90 for most of the weekend so summer is definitely coming!

game 6 of the stanley cup is tonight - i'm not a super huge hockey fan but considering the penguins pulled a great win the other night, i feel it is my duty to cheer them on... GO PITTSBURGH! :o)

happy hump day...

Teresa  – (2:25 PM)  

Thanks for your meaningful comment. Bravo on getting that award from work. I'm sure you will rock next week's weigh in. Have fun watching the big game.

Aimee  – (2:33 PM)  

At my meeting last night, they leader was really ragging on when 'we' (we = weight watcher people) use the word BAD. Her opinion was that what we did was not BAD/GOOD but if it worked on the scale or it didn't work. Yours didn't work! And trust me My way doesn't work much either! But that rather than dwelling on the badness and that we suck blah blah blah, but to focus on how to create the results we want. AKA losing. And also she said "Would you ever tell the person next to at the scale that they did bad?"

Sorry if I ranted. Good luck!

Kate  – (2:40 PM)  

It's really important (and GREAT!) that you notice your weight creeping back up (even though it's very slowly) and catch it now, so much easier to take off 3 or 4 lbs than to take off 15-20, Great Job Jodi!

totegirl  – (5:47 PM)  

Congrats on getting recognized! You went through much stress lady, and you deserve every ounce of kudos you can get!

I can't find the particular bracelet that I have anymore. I even looked on ebay! It's just one of those cheap rubber things that says "MAKE A DIFFERENCE".

I hope you get your spa day and days off SOON!

Vickie  – (5:33 AM)  

thanks for your cute note the other day.

It takes a LOT of pounds before my clothes get tight - and I (personally) find it frightening!!! I like my internal alarm system to go off immediately! I think it has to do with tone. Holds it all together better or something.

Deborah  – (10:55 AM)  

Congrats on the bonus! You definitely deserved it with all the work you've done.

Glad your mind caught on to the fact that all the wee little gains could turn into bigger ones. Good for you to get back to tracking.

Enjoy the BBQ, but not too much.

Steph  – (1:16 PM)  

I was bummed that the Penguins didn't pull it off - I was cheering for you!

I hope the heat gets better....we are having high 90's here and I'm really missing being able to take long walks......between the heat and humidity it is suffocating!

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