happy friday the 13th indeed... it's been quite the day - between metro problems getting to work, there was a huge power outage downtown so my building was out of commission... i hiked-up 12 flights of stairs to find people waiting in the dark, wondering what was going to happen - we have an off-site office but for someone like me (design) that doesn't do much good... after a quick word w/my boss on the way out, i headed back uptown to hangout with eric though he was in meetings most of the morning... i sat in his office, had my bagel & coffee, and read the latest oprah for the remainder of the morning... by noon, metro was back to normal so i went back home and proceed to go straight to the gym! had a great 60-minute workout on the treadmill - went almost 5 miles and burned almost 600 calories! yay me! :o)

after the gym, i ran to this local thrift store that is absolutely huge - it's a madhouse on the weekends so it was nice to actually look thru things and not be run over by carts or small children... found a cute pair of brown, linen shorts and a pair of brown, leather birkenstocks that amazingly were only $6.99... i also picked-up a nice, nonstick skillet for eric since he never seems to have enough pans in this damn kitchen... as for the rest of my day - i watched some tv to watch the news coverage of tim russert's passing - we're a big fan of his 'meet the press' show on sundays so it's quite a loss for news world as well as the DC area... he was only 58! scary! :o(

weekend plans consist of going out to see my dad tomorrow - it's his birthday and he'll be 76 - hard to believe... we're going to have a pizza-party and then i'm bringing his favorite chocolate cake with peanut butter icing (sort of PA thing)... being the cake is only 9" round - the pieces will have to be small, so that makes me happy - it's bad enough we're having pizza but i certainly don't need to overdo things w/cake and ice cream too... ;o)

and i just want to take a moment to thank all of you that left comments on my post wednesday - i was in such a horrible mood and i know it happens and we've all been thru it, i just hate feeling that way... i hate feeling defeated and letdown but realize, it's part of the process we have to go thru in order to be successful at anything... there will ups and there will be downs, i just thought i was getting pretty good at accepting the downs - maybe not... either way, i'm going to continue and hopefully, my body will respond again and my weight will start going back down - i don't want to starve myself or do something rash because i know that's not THE answer, so i'll also be working on my patience... :o)

have a great weekend, everyone! :o)

p.s. i've thought about getting a trainer but they are rather expensive in my area - i've learned how to switch-up my weight routine every 2-3 months and i also vary my cardio as much as possible... maybe when i get promoted, i can afford something new but not right now...

Ginger Delicious  – (9:42 PM)  

I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you how much I love it! You've done awesome and are so close to your goal! Congrats!!! Don't sweat the setbacks...sometimes the biggest weight loss weeks come after the really bad ones :)

Vickie  – (7:11 AM)  

glad things are better/brighter and it sounds like a lovely "playing" day off. Probably double the fun because it was unexpected.

Teresa  – (10:57 AM)  

Nice to see your mood has improved and that you survived Friday the 13...... Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that all is well with you.

kgrenier12  – (8:25 AM)  

Hi Jodi...

Have you tried a local "bootcamp"?

I live near Boston and bunches of them have been sprouting up...basically a personal trainer gets a bunch of people to workout either at a gym or a park somewhere.

I'm doing one now with a bunch of women---I go at my own pace and it really is a nice change from my gym...It's also economical - about $18 per session.

I also do WW points & your blog is really an inspiration for me.

You can do it!


Living to Feel Good  – (3:25 PM)  

Hey Jodi! Thanks for still checkin on me! :) You will get there. I know I did the not count points and go back because of small gains a couple of times. This time something just clicked. I really don't worry any more, and I've been the same weight for a couple months now all within 1-3 lbs. I still check my weight a couple times a week, and I am aware of my food, but I'm not obsessed. You will get there too!! In fact you are almost there!! I will check in with you again! :)
Take care.

Candace MacPherson  – (1:41 PM)  

Hi Jodi, I'm gonna suggest Phit-n-Phat if you're really interested in a trainer. At least go to and check out the free stuff. I think Corinne is simply amazing.

Blubbery Blogger  – (9:47 PM)  

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I too am beginning my journey. My blog is
I am trying to spread the word because I need all the help and support I can get!!! Please check it out. THANKS!!!

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