happy friday, y'all... max refused to let me sleep-in past 9:00 so after a few snuggles, i got up, made some coffee, and prepared breakfast... since fridays are my bagel day - i had one with lowfat provolone cheese, 1 egg, spinach, and turkey bacon - yum yum... this should hold me off for a few hours and then for lunch, i'll have cottage cheese with blueberries and a nectarine... i forgot to mention that on tuesday night, my mom and i went to pick blueberries at this small farmette... there were 6 horses, chickens, ducks, dogs, and a cat running around so it was quite funny at times... i somehow managed to pick 6 pounds and the berries are HUGE - so i saved one container to eat this week and froze the rest... i will probably go back and pick more next week since they are so tasty when in season and VERY good for you --> low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium; also a good source of dietary fiber, and a very good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese... :o)

i called the doctor's office this morning since my synthroid RX has run out of refills, and they said i should come in monday and get my blood taken... i'm hoping my levels are okay but will mention my small weight gain and recent "i'm in a funk" episodes - could be nothing but we'll see... so much for having a stress-free monday (and last vacation day!)... :o(

plans for today: not sure yet - i have a shelf in my walk-in closet that needs some straightening so i may tackle that shortly... i may also call my girlfriend and see what she's up too, haven't seen her or the kids in quite some time... eric will be coming over later for dinner and then we may go see a movie (probably 'the happening')... i may also attempt the pool today but it will very hot and humid, and that doesn't always make for a pleasant experience - there's nothing worse than laying in the sun and having the sun melt your suncreen... :o(

one more thing - roni has a really good video post today, you should definitely check it out...

happy friday...

totegirl  – (1:02 PM)  

Mmmm...your breakfast made my mouth water!

So, I hope your blood tests turn out exactly how you want them to. I really hope you have a great long weekend!

Jeni  – (4:34 PM)  

Love fresh blueberries - I'm jealous! Hope the doc appt. goes well on Monday. I'll be sending good vibes your way.

Little Things  – (12:27 AM)  

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! Wow picking your own blueberries is really freakin cool!! I wish I knew a place that I could do that! :)

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