somebody just shoot me

I AM SO TIRED... i hate apartment living, especially after almost 6 years, but what can you do when you can't afford to buy anything in a decent area... my neighbor decided to watch tv/movie around 1:00am and since i'm extremely sensitive to sound, i don't think i went back to sleep til almost 2:30... i have no qualms about banging on the wall/floor/ceiling but couldn't tell if it was next door or below me, so i had to suffer thru it... and since i was wide awake - i realized i was starving so i had a cup'o cereal, in the dark, in my kitchen (why be pissed-off and hungry?)... i need to get some earplugs (only had one!)... as a result, i am in the WORST mood today and to add to my crankiness - my train was offloaded this morning because of 'door' issues... seriously, i feel like packing it in and going home! :o(

the weather has been ungodly hot - mid 90s with the heat index over 100, maybe even closer to 110... i met my friend for lunch yesterday and was surprised to find her at a table outside - this girl hates the heat so i'm not sure what she was thinking... i hate 2 light beers, a normal amount of chips (not my usual 2 baskets-full), and a chicken salad with maybe half the dressing... not bad i thought... i made a pit stop at whole foods prior to meeting her and picked up some walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, and natural peanut butter - need to go there more often because their prices were really good! as for the rest of the day, i didn't do ANYthing - it was too damn hot... :o(

saturday, i made it to spin class but there was a new/sub instructor and he sucked - his music sucked and he was very unmotivating... but instead of leaving, i stuck it out for 45 mintues and am glad i did... my mom and i changed our plans, because of the hot weather ,and hit some yard sales instead... i also put in her window a/c unit and did some other odds & ends around the place - always makes me feel good to help since i know she can't do everything by herself... eric came over saturday night and i made chicken lime burgers for dinner (from trader joes) along with a nice salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert (yes, the cake was made from scratch!)... :o)

i'm hoping the rest of my week is better than today so i'm keeping my fingers crossed... at least we're supposed to get a break in the weather by wednesday so that alone will help (i hope anyway)... i so need a nap...

happy monday...

totegirl  – (11:43 AM)  

Ugh, neighbors. Actually, I live in a duplex next door to my mom, and I may be that crappy neighbor to her. But that's neither here nor there! I'm sorry you had a crappy night and a crappy train. I know that this day can go nowhere but up from here!


Greta  – (12:16 PM)  

That sucks about the neighbors- I am also a very light sleeper- I even use ear plugs many nights because hubby snores, ugh.

The heat has been crazy, I feel your pain.

Good for you for sticking to the spin class. To me that is about the worst class to have a bad instructor- it’s hard enough as it is but to have bad music and no motivation...ugh. So kudos to you for staying!

Sizzle  – (1:51 PM)  

If I get woken up, I have an impossible time getting back to sleep. And it seems my cats have decided my ear plugs are great toys so now I need to buy more. Hope you get some restful sleep tonight!

Chris H  – (4:23 PM)  

I have always thought living in an apartment would be quite cool.. but maybe not? I don't like noisy neighbours.

Vickie  – (4:32 AM)  

have you ever tried a white noise maker or a floor fan or an air filter? It just even things out so that you can stay asleep. The only down side - you get used to it and have to take it on vacation - if the power goes out - you usually wake.

I have been doing this for YEARS and it made a big difference in my sleep.

JavaChick  – (8:18 AM)  

I sympathize - I feel awful when I don't get my sleep. Ear plugs are great, I keep a good supply on hand (I have a husband who snores like a chain saw - if not for ear plugs, I might have killed him by now).

Kate  – (8:42 AM)  

Neighbors suck, they even suck when you live in a house...believe me. I have one that randomly decides to mow grass at 645a on Saturday mornings during the summer. It's freaking fabulous!

And yes, earplugs are great! I keep a set by my bed!

CaRoLyN  – (9:47 AM)  

Wowsa! That's hot! I don't know how you can stand it. Air conditioning anyone?

Too bad about the noise in the apt. A good set of ear plugs should fix you right up!

Congrats on counting points at the party!

Trish  – (10:02 AM)  

I'm lucky in the noise department. There is so much cement between us that I never hear a thing.

It has been unbearably hot here too...but supposedly our heat wave is over and we should be back to normal temps (80 or so)...I SO love summer but not the kind of days when you cannot breathe.

Congrats on counting your points at the party...that is huge! I would have nibbled my way through the foods and not worried about it.

Anonymous –   – (9:49 AM)  

The heat has been ungodly. I can't make it outdoors without trying to find someplace that has a/c.

Congrats on making it through the spin class. Those classes are crazy hard.

Teresa  – (11:55 AM)  

Your neighbors are turds. The heatwave struck here as well. Unfortunately it was raining too, it was like walking around in soup. Hope your weeks gets better.

Dee  – (12:58 PM)  

I remember one apartment I lived in. It had thin walls & I had very noisy night time neighbors. Although their noise was more of the "bedroom fun" type, rather than the TV. She was a screamer and I think she must have used porn as an example of how to behave in bed. The things that came out of her mouth made me blush!

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