i'm thrilled to report a maintain for this week - i truly feel that i would have seen a small loss had i not gone to my mom's last night for dinner... and had a glass of wine AND some strawberry shortcake for dessert (that's it for the year though!)... either way, i'm just happy that the scale didn't go up again so maybe there's hope at the end of the tunnel after all... i've run twice this week, outside, so that's progress - today was perfect, not too hot and not too sunny... :o)

things have improved a bit since last week - i finally talked to my boss about taking some time off and wouldn't you know the week that i wanted - she's interviewing a potential designer and needs me there... if this person was from DC, i would've had complained but she's out-of-state so her needs come before mine obviously since we REALLY need someone... needless to say, i'm still getting time off next week (minus wednesday) and won't be back in the office until july 1... and then it will be a short week because of the holiday - can't beat that! i haven't made any solid plans besides going to pittsburgh this weekend with eric and then meeting my niece for lunch or dinner on tuesday... eric and i had talked about camping but being it's summer, spots are nonexistent and to just 'get a room' by the beach would cost an arm and a leg... we'll think of something i'm sure... :o)

saturday was my dad's 76th birthday so my brother, his girlfriend, eric, and i made a trip to see him and met up w/my sister and my 2 nieces... we hungout with him for a while, listening to stories from my brother and laughing about all the funny things he used to do when we were young... then we had lunch and an awesome birthday cake (made my moi), with ice cream of course... i'm pretty sure he knew what was going on but it's so hard to tell these days - one moment he's good and the next, he's yelling about something or just plain irritated... welcome to world of dementia but i love him to pieces... :o)

happy hump day...

Kim  – (11:11 PM)  

I'm so glad that your dad had such a nice birthday celebration with all of you there. You look wonderful in the picture. :)

It's supposed to be a nice weekend in Pittsburgh - hopefully this rain will be long gone by then!! :)

Amy  – (7:54 AM)  

What a great picture... got me a little teary eyed as a matter of fact! :)

Way to go on the maintain Jodester!

Greta  – (11:08 AM)  

congrats on the maintain- sometimes that just as good as a loss!!

My MIL (who has sinced passed away) suffered from dementia and it was tough for sure- for everyone. It sounds like you are handling it really well.

Teresa  – (1:41 PM)  

Congrats on not gaining but maintaining. Enjoy your time off. Looks like you had a nice celebration with your Dad.

Foo  – (2:03 PM)  

You look amazing...what a great photo - happy belated to your Dad :o)

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