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for all you fiber one fans out there (that includes myself), i read on that they are coming out with two, new flavors... i LOVE their peanut butter ones but they will soon have oats & apple streusel AND oats & strawberries with almonds - sound yummy, right? keep an eye out for 'em in your store and if you happen to pick some up, let us know how they are! :o)

work has been quiet today - boss left around 1:00 so i went to the gym around 2:30, had a good weight-workout, and have been goofing-off ever sense... i know i shouldn't brag (sorry!) but it's nice to not be overwhelmed and stressed-out these days... oh, i did accomplish one thing - i upgraded to Mac OS X Leopard - seems pretty cool so far... still can't believe i've converted to being a mac person, how did that happen... ;o)

happy tuesday...

p.s. congrats to the penquins for winning last night in the 3rd overtime! go pittsburgh! :o)

Steph  – (6:14 PM)  

HOLY COW - that game last night was awesome!! I'm a huge Stars fan but since they got ousted by the Redwings I'm cheering for the Penguins all the way.....I felt bad for those guys last night. You could see the exhaustion all over them.

I read about the new Fiber One bars too and I'm already on the lookout.....I love the peanut butter ones too but the apple streusel sounds divine! I'll let you know if I see them and what I think.


Greta  – (7:33 AM)  

ooo, the apple sounds very good!! Will keep an eye out for sure!

Teresa  – (10:47 AM)  

I finally found some here in Canada. I believe they are 140 or 160 calories per bar. They seem a bit on the sweet side, are they really diet friendly? Maybe the US product is better?

Have fun watching the game tonight.

Kate  – (2:51 PM)  

Yum! I love the fruity flavored bars, I can't wait til these hit shelves in my area!

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