i'm seeing red

so this is the newest thing in my life - meet mr. subconjunctival hemorrhage (sometimes called red eye)... he decided to pay me a visit on saturday morning and i can't, for the life of me, seem to remember inviting him... anyway, it doesn't hurt but it looks awful - my doctor said it will go away on it's own and not to worry about anything... i have to thank eric for taking such a great shot and i'm also giving myself some kudos for that nicely-shaped eyebrow! ;o)

red-eye and all, we did some yardsaling on saturday morning - we had gone to one neighborhood and nothing was set-up but on the way home, we came across another one that was pretty awesome (they even had a map with all the house participating)... love that! i found a cute j.crew skirt and black sweater set for $6, a white cardigan for $2, a small food processor for eric's house for $3 (since his died), some free tupperware containers, AND the bargain of the day - a mini-umbrella for my work bag that cost $.25 cents! yee haa! we met some really nice people and lots of neighborhood cats and dogs that were hanging out... :o)

after that - we ran home, took care of the yard, and then watched the LOST finale in the afternoon since we had some pretty bad rain storms... eric made shrimp scampi for dinner (thank-you darlin, it was yummy!) and then we watched 'knocked-up' saturday night... yesterday, we took the bike to solomons island and back so i can't complain - it was a pretty relaxing weekend... :o)

the weather is nice here today so i plan on getting outside for my hour workout... i'm feeling the need for some sun, warm weather, and a big mood-improvement... i feel like i've been doused in honey and the covered with 'blah' crumbs - not sure why... i'm hoping that going outside will lift my spirits, at least for the rest of the day anyway... :o)

happy monday...

Kim  – (2:21 PM)  

Ouch - Mr. Red eye is making my eyes water. :( I hope that he leaves as quickly as he showed up.

Have a great time outside! The sun always makes me feel worlds better. :)

Vickie  – (8:24 AM)  

the eye looks very sore - interesting that it doesn't hurt. You could wear Joe Cool sunglasses like Snoopy.

Your eyebrow is lovely - waxing or do it yourself? I am currently a dedicated waxer. And it is like a science experiment - I am waxing for a year to see if we can get them to JUST STOP GROWING BACK!!!

Teresa  – (10:23 AM)  

Eeek hope your eye is better soon. Enjoy the sun and the warm weather, please send some this way!

Deborah  – (12:25 PM)  

I've had that happen to me too. Don't know what provokes it either.

Sure hope the sunshine brings you out of the blahs.

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