1hr30m to go til my (short) vacation begins... i'm very excited to be getting out of town this weekend and to be taking a break from here - i've spent most of the day prepping the other designer on things she'll have to handle next while i'm out... she's still 'learning the ropes' but i have confidence she'll be okay (gotta learn eventually, right?)...

for lunch, i had my beef ramen noodles - it was a tad better since i added some snap peas but it could still handle a bit more 'bulk'... i know, what do you expect for $.33 but still! i also had a great weight/cardio workout so i'm energized for the rest of the day... eric and i will be going for sushi tonight - i plan on ordering some california rolls and sashimi without the rice this time - i've never done before that but thought i would give it a try... yea, i know sushi is low in points anyway BUT i also know going to pittsburgh for 3 days means unexpected food and drink... god help me! ;o)

thanks for the tortilla suggestion, sarah - i did put them in the microwave for 15 sec but didn't use a damp paper towel... maybe that will solve my problem next time, or heating them in a pan might help too - thanks, pinky! :o)

enjoy your weekend and happy friday...

p.s. the scale was down almost another pound this morning - i hope it stays like that til next wednesday!

Fatinah  – (9:44 AM)  

enjoy your time away!

angelfish24  – (12:42 PM)  

Hope you have a great vacation! I haven't stopped by in a while so thought I'd see how you are doing. Way to go on the wt loss lately. And gotta go try those ramen noodles...I like those but haven't eaten them in years...guess due to all the sodium but they are good.

Irene  – (1:16 PM)  

I hope you have a nice mini-vacation!

totegirl  – (3:53 PM)  

Woohoo! Have a great time, and may all your unexpected meals be low points!

Take One Stripper Pole  – (9:57 PM)  

Hope you are having a wonderful time on your mini vacation! And congrats on the continued weight loss.

Teresa  – (12:11 PM)  

Hope you have a blast on your vacation. Goodbye to the pound as well.

CaRoLyN  – (8:37 AM)  

YAY for the loss!

Hope you had a great weekend and mini vacation!

Steph  – (1:44 PM)  

Hope you have fun on your mini-vacation - you deserve it!

Oh and the pic of you and your dad made me tear up.....he looks so sweet! I'm thinking of you guys!

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