christ, i can't seem to win lately - i was all high & mighty last week about getting back on plan and counting points, and what happens... i gained .2 pounds this week (i know it's minor but it's still a gain!)... i was doing really well up until saturday and then i bought chips & onion dip for when eric came over... and then because my mom gave me freshly-picked strawberries, i just HAD to make shortcake (because i've had it EVERY strawberry season since i was a kid)... i went to spin class on saturday but then i lost the momentum somewhere - i stopped counting, etc....

it's not THAT hard - i know HOW to do this... i've obviously been successful, or i wouldn't be where i am today, but why does it get harder? it's not like i have a husband, or kids, or work odd hours working against me - i belong to the gym at work and go there 5x week... so why the gain? so why is it bothering me now when a month ago, i could care less? i'm not really expecting answers, i'm just thinking/venting outloud... i've been in a crappy mood for several days and i just can't shake it - i'm tired, i hate my job again, i need a vacation, and i feel like my life is just at a standstill... i know i can work on this stuff but it's like "where do i start first?"... and i'm just tired of thinking in general - my brain needs a time-out...

ugh, i hate feeling like this and i hate complaining, but that's life... sometimes it just sucks for no reason and you just have to deal with it, regardless if you can change anything... ever have one of those days/weeks/months?

happy hump day...

Sizzle  – (7:12 PM)  

I had a year like that. Thankfully now I can manage the months/weeks/days/hours that do that same thing to me now.

I'm sorry you're in a funk. I hope it passes quickly!

totegirl  – (11:13 PM)  

WORD. I hear you woman. Luckily, it's all cyclical, so it will come around to the other side again. But in the meantime, it sucks ass.

Vickie  – (7:39 AM)  

I may be WAY OFF the mark - but here is an idea-
you may need to step up your routine at the gym. You may need to up your weights or vary your routine. Kick your own butt - so to speak.

I think that we all go through this - when we are in maintenance mode (whethe on purpose or by accident) - and it is hard to step it up so that we get those muscle shakes and NEED that day of muscle rest.

Have you ever tried a personal trainer?

CaRoLyN  – (10:39 AM)  

Amen Sista!

Hate to see you feeling so fruistrated but I'm in the same boat. I work out 5 times a week, I watch what I eat, I'm very health concious but the scale hasn't budged in weeks! FRIG!

Time to mix things up a little!

JavaChick  – (12:32 PM)  

Um. That's a rule isn't it? Homemade strawberry shortcake at least once per strawberry season? I'm sure it must be! :)

You sound overwhelmed, but as you say, you can work on this stuff. And I'm sure you mood will turn around. Hang in there!

Aimee  – (12:34 PM)  

Every day!
I gained 2.4 this week. Which was my loss last week. Up adn down, I play with those few pounds. And for 2 years now. I guess I needed to vent too. Good luck - Hang in there!

Teresa  – (2:25 PM)  

I feel your pain, and been having a similar conversation with myself this morning. Please be kind to yourself, this will pass. Take care next week will be better

Diet Coke and Zingers  – (2:21 AM)  

I am SOOO right there with you!

Angie All The Way  – (11:23 AM)  

I've come to accept that this whole battle IS a rollercoaster regardless of how ON your game you can be for a long time. What goes up must come down, must go up. So, that logic means the only thing now is back up :)

We do need to take breaks from the routine to make sure you're getting the most quality out of them. If I are gymming 5x/week, I bet my quality would suffer. I'd make sure you're taking breaks before this feeling comes and rears it's ugly and inevitable head. That way, you nip it in the bud and bouncing back comes easier.

I totally and completely hear ya girl. You got what it takes, so let's giver 'er.

*Bitch Cakes*  – (11:55 AM)  

I find it amazing that you and I seem to lead parallel lives! It's as if I wrote some of those statements myself. I'm bouncing around the same weight range, I know what to do, no husband or kids to consume my time, working out 5+ times a week - but we're not perfect. Some days are more difficult than others and despite knowing what to do, sometimes we choose to ignore it.

We've both bounced back before and we'll both do it again.


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