i'm happy that this week is almost over, it was rough coming in this morning esp. after having yesterday off but at least it was an easy day... the storms were pretty bad on wednesday, so much so that i had no power from wednesday around 6:00 til sometime yesterday... my home phone didn't work (because i have vonage) and my cellphone's battery had died so in order to have an alarm - i had to go sit in my car for about 20 mintues and let it charge... the parking lot and surrounding area was pitch-black so it was a bit creepy to say the least... yesterday, i had to shower and get ready by candlelight, that was amusing... good thing my shirts and pants matched... ;o)

the retirement party was good - they had it catered so i did the best could considering the choices... had a pulled-pork samich, some boardwalk fries (with vinegar, thank you very much), a tiny spoonful of baked beans, and a big plate of fruit salad... i had a tiny piece of yellow cake too so overall, i think i did really well and yes, i counted every single point! yay me! my brother and i got to spend time w/my dad but only long enough to feed him lunch because then we had to go... we're going back out next weekend though for his 76th birthday - we're going to have pizza and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing - his favorite... :o)

it's going to be a hot one here this weekend, close to 100 sat/sun they say... my plans are to relax tonight and then head to spin-class tomorrow morning - it's been a while so i feel the need to get back into a routine... after that - i have a few things to do for my mom around her house and then we're going to an arts festival which may be a crazy idea considering the weather... heat doesn't bother me as much as the cold but we'll see, i may be kicking myself around 2:00... on sunday, i'm meeting a friend for lunch and we're going for mexican - i'll need to make some healthy choices for sure if i want to see loss next week... :o)

have a good weekend, everyone, and happy friday!

p.s. i updated my blogroll list (sidebar) so you can now see who's in my google reader...

Sizzle  – (6:00 PM)  

Mexican is my downfall. I love guac!

Thanks for 'rolling me. ;)

Jeni  – (6:57 PM)  

Ooh Mexican is hard for sure. It's the chips that kill me. I just eat and eat. Hope you aren't too hot this weekend. :)

Vickie  – (5:55 AM)  

we were running around replacing batteries in flashlights last night ourselves. We too have been HOT and humid and major storms late at night several days this week. Last night it was high winds too.

some of our flashlights seem to have disappeared - going to restock tomorrow.

One of the BEST ideas I ever had for my mom is one that plugs into the wall (so you always know where it is) and stays recharged and then comes on automatically when the power goes out.

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