i'm a bit late with posting my weigh-in but since i'm on vacation, i think i have a valid reason... though i'm down 1 pound, it's not the 3 pounds that i saw last week but i blame it on going to pittsburgh... no matter how good my initial intentions are, they somehow get thrown by the wayside... such is life and am back on track - went to the gym today and did 45 minutes on the treadmill (30 mins of that was hard running) and then did about 45 minutes of weights... as for the rest of the day - i went to the pool for a few hours (first time this summer) and that's about it... :o)

pittsburgh was good - eric managed to make good progress on his motorcycle trailer so as soon as he gets the title, we can start using it for long trips... we hung out with his mom and dad, as well as numerous siblings since they seem to pop-in at various times... their cherry trees were loaded so i made a cherry cobbler for dinner on sunday (along with beer can chicken x two!) and used his mom's cherry stoner - pretty cool i have to admit (saves a lot of time!)... it was a big hit, to say the least, and i'm happy to say i wasn't offered any to take home with me... speaking of on the way home - we didn't even make it to the turnpike when a hole in eric's muffler pipe decided to blow... talk about loud! luckily there was a midas closeby so they replaced it and 2 hours later, we hit the road (again)... there were also some big storms rolling thru so i nabbed a few pics of the rainbow we saw while driving... :o)

on tuesday, i met my niece in harrisburg for lunch - i don't get to see her as often since she lives w/her mom and is busy with work and school... we had mexican (ugh!) and then shopped at ross and target which is always fun... i admire my niece so much - she was born with royally f-d up legs - one was amputated below the knee and the other has never grown properly so she'll be using crutches for the rest of her life... this disability, however, has not stopped her from doing what she wants to do - she was a cheerleader in HS and now drives a car! AND she turns 21 this december which makes me feel incredibly old! anyway, i love her to pieces and i'm so proud of her! :o)

i had to work yesterday, which was fine, though it put a damper on my vacation momentum... i was busy helping my boss with a project and also got to interview the potential designer (who is from indiana)... she seems very nice and has done some great work so i'm hoping my boss wants to offer her the position - just don't know how soon she can start considering she's out of state... and that's all i'm going to talk about work for now (and until next tuesday when i go back)... :op

as for the rest of my vacation - i have no plans... the weather seems iffy for most of sat/sun, my mom and i might go to this art/craft show and eric is dying to try-out the new mufflers on his bike (he said it's even louder than before!)... i also told him that as much money as he's put into this thing - i should be wearing it on my finger! ;o)

time to catch-up on everyone's blogs and continue my much-needed R&R... i'll leave you with some pics from last weekend - enjoy!

happy thursday...

Take One Stripper Pole  – (7:55 PM)  

So did Eric take the hint about the space available on your finger? Sounds like you had a wonderful time (so far)! I am into summer vacation .... but do not have much to show for it yet ... lol.

totegirl  – (11:06 PM)  

Very nice! Sounds like a great mini-vacay! I want some cherry cobbler!

Kim  – (11:12 PM)  

Sounds like you never stop moving!!! :)

KL  – (1:26 AM)  

You sound like you've been doing so great! I'm getting back on the band-wagon, so that I can keep up with you!
The cherries look awesome! I wish I could have had some of that cobbler.
Also, did you know that the ramen noodles are 2 servings in a package? Crazy!

Vickie  – (6:08 AM)  

really good posting - happy and busy and full of lots of different stuff. Chicken looks good. Loved your story about your niece.

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