i'm back up again this week (2 pounds) and have no good/bad thoughts about it really... i had a lot to eat/drink this past weekend and know that i really need to make more of an effort to exercise on sat/sun... it's hard to believe that one year ago, i was getting up early every saturday morning to train for that 5K... and i was jogging at least 5-6 times a week - i'm lucky to get in 3 runs, if i'm lucky... it doesn't bother me honestly but i know i should be doing more and/or doing something different - just can't seem to find anything that i'm dying to try... oh well...

work has been blissfully quiet this week, so much so that i've been able to work on my website and update my samples... i found a cool script that will be perfect for my online portfolio, i just have to redo all my files basically - nothing major (not!)... i know the sh*t will be hitting the fan soon though - my boss said that there are at least 12 research publications in the pipeline for this summer so it should be interesting (esp. since we're down one designer)... i better make use of my free time as much as possible... ;o)

not much else has been going on, sorry to say, my life is pretty hum-drum at the moment... june will be busy though - my bro-in-law is retiring so there's a party for him next thursday at the park, my niece's bday is on the 12th, my dad's bday is on the 14th, and then my sister will be leaving for their cross-country vacation... i will not only be cat-sitting during that time, but my brother and i will be taking turns visiting my dad every other weekend thru the end of july... i'd like to get in a small vacation with eric but we haven't made any plans yet so i guess we should do that soon, huh... still can't believe may is almost over! my how time flies!

happy thursday...

Deborah  – (11:04 AM)  

Isn't it discusting that when you get out of the habit of exercising it's so hard to get back in?

So sorry to hear about your gain. But we all know that happens from time to time. Doesn't make it any easier though.

You've got a busy June planned. Wanna come to my bday on the 13th. That way you would have 3 in a row ;-)

Kim  – (9:35 PM)  

You'll have those 2 pounds off in no time. Sounds like you just have lots of other stuff to focus on right now. And that's okay. :) It's all about the balance!!

Erin  – (7:14 AM)  

Don't you hate it when life interrups your plans??? I know I do, you seem to be pluggin along though. Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to!


kelly  – (8:11 PM)  

maybe you should sign up for another race to get you back in the swing? i'm signed up for one next weekend and its definitely making me get my runs in!

angelfish24  – (12:24 AM)  

Don't stess about the 2 pounds, you'll get that off soon. At least you don't yo yo like me up and down 20 pounds.
Looked at your last few posts as haven't visited in a while. Looked like a fun motorbike trip.

ThickChick  – (10:47 AM)  

Do you belong to a gym? I can't recall. I never thought I was a group exercise person, but I've really enjoyed trying spinning, 24-Set (aerobics w/weights), etc. Maybe you could get hooked on a new class?

I can't believe May is over either! Nutso!

Angie All The Way  – (11:29 AM)  

At the risk of soundling like I'm recruiting a new bandwagon, I just wanted you to know that I've started a new plan and I love it :-) You should check out my blog and check it out and see if it might fit your fancy??

Teresa  – (1:17 PM)  

I'm sure the gain will be gone by next weigh in. Have a great week.

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