i'm so glad it's friday esp. since i don't have any major plans this weekend (always a good thing) and i will need lots of R&R before next week... there's already been talk of redoing the website after the conference is over, so i have that to look forward too, as well as work to do while the conference is in progress... hey, at least i get to enjoy the exhibitor reception on thursday (free booze), the reception before dinner (more free booze), and the dinner itself (even more free booze and the beach boys)... can't complain, can't complain... ;o)

went for a nice jog/walk today down by the reflecting pool - several ducks were out w/their little ducklings, all in a row, i just love seeing that... some weren't any bigger than my hand (i had to inspect up-close) and looked rather fluffy for being so small... it was pretty hot out there so i'm guessing it's in the mid-80s, again - can't complain... :o)

weekend plans as of now are to mulch eric's flowerbeds and that's about it... i know he wants to go see 'iron man' but i think it will be too nuts at the theaters (better to wait a week or two)... he also has to prep for some speaking engagement and conference so i'll be on my own sunday, which is fine... i'm still on a quest for new shoes and i also need a new raincoat/trenchcoat so i'll be paying a visit to burlington coat factory... i did buy some shoes off but now wish i didn't because i probably won't like them (at least shipping was only $1)... i am about 5 magazines behind too so maybe i'll just in my sweats all day and read - sounds like a plan! :o)

hope you have a great weekend... :o)

EC  – (3:58 PM)  

It sounds positively relaxing!! Enjoy!!

Kate  – (4:05 PM)  

Sounds like a great weekend, I love the weekends when you have no real plans and can kinda play it by ear. Love it.

Have you checked out for shoes? I love it, and it's free shipping both ways if you dont like them,or need a different size. (I'm a shoe freak).

Rebecca  – (4:49 PM)  

a day late and a buck short but i love those dresses on you!!


Deborah  – (2:34 PM)  

Enjoy your relaxing weekend, you deserve every minute of it!!

Divas on a diet  – (6:08 PM)  

Hey, I'm 37 years old and need to loose 30 pounds myself.
I'll read your blog and pick up your tips and hints, and follow your last 10 pounds down.

Fio :-)

Divas on a diet  – (6:09 PM)  
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Creatingadiva  – (8:54 PM)  

mm reading in my sweats! Sounds like an amazing weekend plan to me :) I can't wait to do that next weekend. Hope yours was just fabulous.

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