it's finally over

well today is the last day of the meeting and i'm SO very happy about that... the reception/dinner went well, the beach boys were okay but nothing spectacular - every song sounded like the one before and they looked rather bored on stage (imagine singing the same songs for almost 50 years!)... anyway, all the signs/banners/booths that i designed looked great and people were raving about the little buttons at the reception... i did okay with food/drink - had 2 glasses of wine and 2 bloody mary's which isn't bad considering it was a free-for-all... today will be a long one considering we didn't get home til almost midnight - hopefully when my boss gets back in the office this afternoon, she'll let us leave early... :o)

weekend plans consist of going to my sister's tonight and then spending some time w/my dad tomorrow... i will be coming home tomorrow night so my brother and i can take my mom out for mother's day on sunday (don't forget!)... eric will be in pittsburgh so i'm sans-boyfriend this weekend and will be next weekend too since it's my college reunion and friend's bridal shower in allentown... busy busy busy...

anyway, here are some pics that i took so enjoy (and yes, this is the newest dress)... :o)

have a great weekend, everyone... and HAPPY FRIDAY... :o)

Jeni  – (11:03 AM)  

You look too cute! I love that pic with the Marilyn cutout. I bet you are so ready for a relaxing weekend. Enjoy it!

marie  – (11:04 AM)  

You're such a ham! You look great :)

Have a great weekend!

Kate  – (11:39 AM)  

Aw your looking so cute in the new dress!

Teresa  – (11:49 AM)  

Looks like you are having fun. Have a great weekend. Hope you get out of the office early.

Shannon  – (6:23 PM)  

Great job on the graphics! They look awesome. It looks like everything came together and all your hard work paid off. I hope things are nice and relaxing next week at work. You've earned it.

Divas on a diet  – (6:43 PM)  

I love the picture with you and Marilyn! And I'm glad your design looked great.

Enjoy spending time with your dad and remember, sometimes there are more important things than dieting.

Fio :-)

Kim  – (9:58 PM)  

Congratulations on a job well done!!! You and Eric look fab!! :)

Deborah  – (11:26 AM)  

Glad everything went well and I'll bet you're glad it's over. You look great!

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