this blog has become less and less about weightloss these days (esp. since i keep gaining/losing the same 2 pounds!) - not sure how many of you have noticed or even care and will continue to read regardless of what i talk about... i apologize for all the work, work, work stuff but sometimes - life just gets in the way and though i know i shouldn't apologize (since it IS my blog), i sometimes feel like i've let things slip... i've gone from posting everyday to a few times a week, and who can remember the last time i talked about a health-related article, new food product, or exercise... i know that i'll never be a roni (where does she find the energy with a job, a kid, a hubby, and multiple sites) so who am kidding... doing this stuff is a priority for her, more like a responsibility - i'm not just feeling like it's my priority anymore... does that make sense?

BUT on the flipside - i know that i'm not the same person as i was 3 years ago... my outlook has changed, my thinking has changed, my eating and exercise has changed - so i guess it's just natural that the blog changes too... it's been obvious that getting to my goal weight hasn't been life or death situation so that says to me, i have gone down a different path... i no longer beat myself-up and curse because the scale says i gained 2 pounds, i no longer feel guilty if i don't exercise, and if i want a margarita on the weekend - i'm gonna have it... i've learned to listen to my body and considering my schedule has been f*cked-up for the last two months - i'm pretty thrilled that i haven't gained 10 pounds... my body is happy where it is right now and i'm happy too... :o)

we have all started this journey and had a goal in mind - how we got there didn't matter because it was the online support that kept us going... though i don't comment as much as i used too - i still read what's going on out there because it's just a part of who i am... i know that when i'm not feeling strong - there will always be a post, somewhere, that will motivate me again... there will always be someone venting about the same thing, which is always nice, and there's always that one person that says something funny and my worries are forgotten... :o)

so my point is - you guys are great and i just wanted to say thank-you... i'm not going anywhere but i just felt the need to put it out there... i don't know where this new path is going exactly but i'll figure it out soon and share as i go along - cus that's what we do... :o)

happy hump day...

Kate  – (12:15 PM)  

I think for a lot of us, we have times where weight loss is all we write about then, it shifts a bit, but then comes back full circle. I know myself I enjoy reading about everything going on in someone's life, not just the WL aspect. Plus as you said, its so nice having the support of a group of people who go through the same ups and downs you do!

marie  – (12:46 PM)  

If you JUST wrote about weight loss and not about your life, I don't think we'd love you as much :P

Whatever you choose to write about, I'll always read, comment and care :)

Cory  – (1:06 PM)  

I think you're writing is fine. Our lives aren't only weight loss. They are work, and family, and all that other stuff. If you don't write about that to, then how can we really get to know you, right?
And don't worry about those two pounds. Sometimes life doesn't cooperate, and my year has definitely been an example of that!

Christina  – (1:52 PM)  

I love your honesty.. I guess we all write about everything that's what makes the blogs more fun...and yours is one of the best :)

Tigerlilly  – (2:00 PM)  


Thought I would delurk to say.. great post!! I like that you are thinking positive and not focusing on the negative! Keep doing what your doing, you'll reach your goal in your time!

CaRoLyN  – (2:40 PM)  

Thank GOD you aren't going anywhere. I started reading your post and started getting anxiety b/c it sounded like you were leaving us. Dear lord what would we do without you.
It's YOUR blog so write about whatever you want, we all love reading about anything that's on your mind!
I've been playing with the same few pounds for months now but oh well, it's the journey that's the most fun anyway right?

Sizzle  – (5:49 PM)  

It's good to know we aren't alone on the journey, isn't it??

Jeni  – (5:49 PM)  

Don't go anywhere! I love reading about your life, what you're up to, even if it isn't at all weight loss related. It's what makes you you!

Erin  – (6:05 PM)  

my blog is suppossed to be about weight loss, exercise, and nutrition, but it's turned into anything but the above. I say things daily like...i want to go to the gym and i'm going to have to do the exercise dvd and then LIFE gets in the way.

That's ok, i'll still read and I'll still write.

Caroline  – (7:58 PM)  

I kind of like it when I realize that I haven't been writing exclusively about weight loss, because I don't want my weight and what I eat to be the most important thing I think about for the rest of my life. But I'm also like you, that I start worrying that people read my blog to find out about weight loss stuff and then I never talk about it. But it does seem to come and go, so oh well. I'll still read!

And I have no idea where Roni gets all the energy. I think she must have a time machine...

Kim  – (9:34 PM)  

You scared me for a second there Jodi...I'm glad that you aren't going anywhere on us!!!! :)

~Les  – (9:37 PM)  

I feel the same way, sister. I came back to my blog after a hiatus, and still haven't gotten 100% back into it daily--it's more like once a month or every other week! But, I started out on WW.com over 5 years ago, made friends with lots of people in the blogging community and it's just part of me now. I'm glad you're in a good place and don't DEPEND on it, but you know, there's always going to be someone, somewhere that feels JUST LIKE YOU at the same time, and that's a comforting thing.


*Bitch Cakes*  – (2:48 PM)  

Jodi- I've missed you. I'm behind in reading (and only recently started writing again). I love, love, love this post. It might be my favorite of yours yet. You obviously HAVE come a long way and have such a wonderful outlook and realistic attitude about everything. I'm proud of you and happy for you!

Blog about whatever you want, sister. We're here!


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