here comes the rain again

quick post - it's cold and rainy and i hate it... where's the sunshine that we had on saturday? nothing worse than a crappy-weather monday but at least it's almost over... i had a good weekend - got to my sister's late friday night and proceeded to eat: 1 corndog w/mustard, 1 piece of pizza, a few ranch wheat thins, and then a small bowl of ice cream with cashews! what! i don't know what came over me, it was like being a kid in a candy store... saturday, i was all ready for a healthy day - i had a bowl of cereal and some coffee and then what happens? my bro-in-law brings a box of fresh donuts (some kind made w/potato flour) so i split one w/my niece and they were amazing... i'm so NOT a donut person but they were there and i couldn't resist... i SO hated myself for everything i ate but what can you do, i did it, and i'm moving on... :o(

my visit with dad was okay - he was a bit irritated but we did our usual routine: lifting weights, walking the halls, giving him a shave, and watching some tv... he was napping when i left so at least he was getting some rest... stopped at the outlets on the way home - couldn't find any good bargains besides a cute pair of low-wedgies at naturalizer... i had the night to myself so i planted some flowers for my balcony and called it a night... my brother and i took mom out to lunch yesterday to this italian place near his house - his lasagna was amazing so i'm definitely getting that next time... i chose the spinach pasta with asparagus, artichokes, olives, beans, onions, and peppers - it was good but not as good as his! i hate that! they gave all the moms a free cannoli and the waiter gave us two - maybe he thought i was a mom as well? it was tasty regardless... ;o)

work was pretty quiet today - i have some major website updates to do tomorrow so i was doing a lot of revisions and prep-work for that... i did 40 minutes on the elliptical and had to stop because my foot was hurting - not sure what's up with that but i'm not liking the fact that i'm having issues again... i really don't want to think about surgery, again, so perhaps it's time to see a different doctor... after work, i hit the grocery store, made a spinach and egg samich for dinner, and made a fresh pot of coffee... my goal tonight is to watch some season finales online, take a bath, and hit the hay... :o)

and before i forget - pastaqueen was on the today show today, check it out here!

happy monday...

Deborah  – (7:52 AM)  

Sounds like a full and rewarding weekend. I'm sick of this cold weather too. We got teased for a week or two with the nice stuff and now :-(

I too succumbed over the weekend but am back on track now. Sometimes we just fall but we have to remember to get back on that horse.

Greta  – (8:05 AM)  

yeah, we all have "those" days where we're the kid in the candy store with food. But you got past it :) You are SO close to your goal and you look AMAZING!

I'm sorry to hear about your foot! A second opinion, or even just a new one is always a good idea.

Cara  – (10:08 AM)  

If you like corn dogs I suggest you try the morningstar corn dogs. They are amazing and not too terrible for you. Low calories, etc.

Kate  – (11:57 AM)  

I totally ate my face off on Sunday, like you said, I don't know what came over me either. Sometimes I guess all the resisting jsut gets the best of us!!

But glad to hear you put it behind u and moved on, that's the way to do it girlie! on and upward!

Steph  – (1:04 PM)  

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Your dad is so lucky to have you for a daughter - you are great!

The lasagna sounds "to die for" - making me hungry reading about it!! I hope that the next few weeks slow down a little for you so you can catch some rest and a breath!

Erin  – (6:09 PM)  

We havent had rain but a few showers here and there, but lord the overcast skies are terrible. They threaten rain all day...and the kids wanted to go to the park, but I know just as soon as I had them all unloaded, it would be a downpour!

Sounds like you had a good weekend, hope the rest of the week goes well!

Vickie  – (7:30 AM)  

my husband is famous for always wanting what I ordered. It has gotten to the point that I lean over and remind him that he always wants what I have - so he might want to just order the same from the start. These days - we usually split an order - works great.

can't remember what your foot history is????

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