i rarely do this

but i thought it would be fun to steal this idea from snackie, who stole this from someone else... it's been a rather slow and quiet day here but i'm sure something will come up, it always does... a few of us girls are taking my coworker out to lunch so i MUST chose something healthy... they only had their dinner menu online (WTF) so i'll have to decide when i get there - i would prefer to make my decision ahead of time but what can you do... anyhoo, onto the game - feel free to do your own, just fill-in-the blank where you see the underlines... :o)

1. Jodi is a great shopper.

2. But I am also very thrifty.

3. Just once, I'd like to be messy.

4. I wish I'd never tried smoking when I was younger.

5. I regret that I once flew to WI to meet someone i met online.

6. I love to do laundry, clean, and go grocery shopping.

7. People that drive with their blinkers on make me really fucking mad.

8. Survivor is Stoo-pid.

9. As a special treat, I often like to treat myself to a spa-day.

10. You will never see a picture of me eating mushrooms.

happy thursday...

p.s. i think i did pretty good at lunch today - salad with balsamic dressing, grilled tilapia with lime, rice pilaff, and grilled asparagus... yummy! :o)

Kate  – (12:05 PM)  

Ah, don't we all have that one person from online we wish we never would have met, ha ha...I know I Do!

Steph  – (1:22 PM)  

Are you serious you like to do laundry - wow - wanna move to Texas because I have "loads" of it!! LOL

Real quick on your dresses - OMG - super cute!! You are so freaking adorable!

Kim  – (2:30 PM)  

Sounds like you made a great lunch selection!!! Good job. :)

Deborah  – (4:48 PM)  

Way to go on the sensible eating out. You "done" good. (Sorry some of the mountain talk just slips in sometimes, don't want to be a complete outsider here.)

Love the plaid dress! You look so good. Sure hope I look as good when I get down there where I'm headed.

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