do i have mulch in my teeth?

work has been quiet this morning but i know this afternoon will pick-up since some projects of mine are being reviewed and finalized as we speak... tomorrow will be a short day though since i have to head to the hotel for a stage/sound/video review in the afternoon, and i'm looking forward to getting home a bit early... i desperately need to wash the pollen off my car and i have some things i need to return to marshalls and pennys... i got some cami-tops at pennys and i don't like them - they're not very soft and they're too fitted, so back they go...

friday night, i went to burlington coat factory and was disappointed to find their shoe section sucks BUT i did manage find an awesome, black, fitted rain coat on sale... i also stopped at trader joes and bought myself one of their yummy, margarita pizzas - yes, that was my dinner and i'm sticking to it! i was in of those 'moods' so i added some fresh spinach before baking and it was very tasty... :o)

saturday, i had a great spin class in the morning and then headed over to eric's where we proceed to mulch all 7 areas in his front/back yard (36 bags!)... i also mowed the grass which is always fun... yesterday, we went for a nice ride in the morning and then i headed to home depot where i bought $60 worth of flowers, veggie plants, and herbs... i only got to planting the flowers and herbs (basil, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, and sage) so we'll have to work on the garden another day... since we both had stuff to do - i ran home and proceeded to swap my bedding, flip my mattress, swap my bathroom curtain/rugs, and do laundry... i took a break and ran over to kohl's, thinking they'd have some nice shoes, but they didn't so off to target i went where i managed to spend $100 (when all i needed was cottonballs!)... no magazines were read but i did watch last week's LOST online and that my folks, was my weekend... :o)

happy monday...

Christina  – (1:45 PM)  

I can't wait to be able to start moving our lawn once I get my house, I will be asking for all kinds of gardening tips :)

Kate  – (2:53 PM)  

Sounds like a busy busy weekend! But very enjoyable!

eurydice  – (3:09 PM)  

that pizza sounds great to me. especially with added spinach. yum!

Anonymous –   – (9:46 PM)  

How do you like spin? I am so afraid of it.

Deborah  – (10:02 AM)  

What a great and wonderful weekend!!

Teresa  – (10:58 AM)  

Sounds like you had a nice weekend out in the fresh air. It was cold and rainy here so no yard work got done. Wish we had Trader Joe's here everything sounds so yummy. Have a great week.

Grumpy Chair  – (8:01 AM)  

Target has some great camisoles in a variety of colors. They are made by Merona and I believe under $9 each.

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