yummy in my tummy

i haven't bought frozen meals in a long time but giant had heathly choice on sale this week (5 for $10) so i picked-up two cafe steamers and thought i would give them a try... i had the beef merlot today for lunch and it was fantabulous - there were huge pieces of beef, potatoes, green beans, and carrots plus a lovely merlot sauce that you poured ontop... and maybe i'm just a bit slow but i noticed they are now including WW points on the packaging (or perhaps i just never paid attention!) and this was only 4 points... i will be having the chicken with roasted red pepper alfredo sauce tomorrow and i can't wait - they're definitely worth a try... :o)

i jogged for about 40-minutes today, it felt good to be back on the treadmill... i've been making a point to get outside at least one day a week and since i had done that on monday, i opted for some tv-time and the trusted treadmill... i'm no soap opera fan but they sure do make the time go by much faster - i wish holden and lily would just stay together and be happy! ;o)

i watched most of american idol last night even though i'm not a fan - i just wanted to see who would perform and who would win... i was quite surprised to see george michael - i remember going to see him in HS and what a show that was... i think concert tshirts were still under $20 back then... i also watched last week's LOST online (in HD to boot!) and it's getting pretty good but that's expected since next week is the season finale... :o(

tonight i plan on taking a bath, reading some of my fitness magazine, and then watching a show i taped-off PBS last night about depression... it's always good to learn more about something that has affected my family (my dad and myself) so i'm hoping it's good...

oh and one more thing - i forgot to mention that i bought myself a new monitor for home... check out my new 22" wide-screen LCD - talk about awesome! it's so nice to have a bigger screen, like i have at work, because i can see more of what i'm doing (and the colors are much brighter too)... eric had to be a copycat and buy one for himself since they were a great deal online ($245 w/shipping at compusa.com)... so thank-you federal government! :o)

happy thursday...

Greta  – (11:56 PM)  

mmm, that frozen meal looks YUMMY! I have never noticed the points either- might be new.

I'll have to see if that PBS show is on again.....not all that foreign to me or my family either.

Nice screen!!!

Vickie  – (6:46 AM)  

congrats on the new screen - it looks sleek and sophisticated!

Christina  – (7:35 AM)  

Nice computer...makes mine look stone aged :) Frozen meals are not something I like either but I really love the smart ones...rice and beans and baked ziti..super yummers

CaRoLyN  – (8:40 AM)  

Yay for getting back on the treadmill. Bet you felt really great afterwards.

LOVE the new monitor...so jealous. We've been kicking around the idea of a new computer forever!

Deborah  – (9:56 AM)  

Will have to try the frozen meal. Thanks for the heads up on how good it was.

Teresa  – (12:10 PM)  

Congrats on the new hardware. Thanks for sharing the info on frozen meals, might give it a try. Sounds good when you're in a pinch and haven't got a clue what to make.

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