just because i feel like it

this meeting stuff is so close to being over, i can smell it! i just have to post some pictures (probably won't happen until monday) and then i'm D O N E... yesterday was quite stressful for me - i was emotional, i had a headache, i skipped the gym, i was missing eric, and had to stay late to update the website... thanks everyone for waiting til AFTER 5:00! to make myself feel better, i had pizza for dinner - not the best choice but i don't really care... i wrapped my friend's shower gift, packed for the weekend, watched last week's LOST, took a bath, and went to bed... :o)

so far today has been much better - it's been quiet and i'm hoping the rest of the day stays exactly the same... the weather is nice here so i'm going for a walk/jog later and then when 5:00 comes around - i'm audi for the week... tomorrow, i'm helping my mom in the morning and then it's off to allentown to see my old roommate... saturday is my 15-year college reunion in scranton which should be fun, and then sunday is her surprise bridal shower back in allentown... man, i'm tired already just typing all that but it's all good - we haven't seen each other in over 4 years so i'm looking forward to spending time w/her and her daughter... :o)

to end this week, i thought i would share some random links... enjoy!

– it's about time that a plus-size model wins ANTM
– is it just me or does rachael ray look weird in this photo
– take a shot at designing your own pair doc martens
– health.com has a new look, check it out here
– look at some of these then/now photos, some are hilarious

have a great weekend! :o)

Sizzle  – (1:31 PM)  

I don't really understand how that woman is considered "plus sized"- do I live in an alternate reality or something!? If she is plus then am I mega plus?

Rachel Ray always looks weird to me. The Joker's smile.

Have a fun time!

CaRoLyN  – (2:02 PM)  

Rachel Ray looks like a plastic doll with fake hair. Tsk tsk. Love her show though.

Plus size my ass. Seriously?? Yikes!

Chris H  – (8:58 PM)  

I would kill to be that 'plus size' girl!! And some of those before after photos are pretty neat. Have a neat weekend.

Deborah  – (8:32 AM)  

Hope your weekend in Allentown is a blast. Enjoy!!

Steph  – (4:19 PM)  

Rachel Ray looks like she has a little too much photoshopping!!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Anonymous –   – (8:36 AM)  

That last link is very odd.

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