summer is right around the corner

what a great weekend - the weather was beautiful, got plenty'o rest, went to see 'iron man', got my hair cut, went for not one but TWO bike rides, exercised 1/3 days, and had some friends over yesterday for a cook-out... we were truly blessed here in the DC area because the weather was gorgeous all weekend, though a tad hot yesterday but who's complaining! our garden is looking pretty good too, eric put up a fence so the bunnies stay on their own side but i'm sure something else will find a way in... they always do... ;o)

eric & i decided to head east on sunday so we got the map out on saturday night and planned our route... we took the bay bridge, towards ocean city, and then found some great back roads heading north, then around the top, and back down the other side... it was wonderful being outside, driving thru small towns, and seeing new things (one advantage of riding and not driving) so it was worth the sore butt later... we also stopped at a state park halfway thru our ride, took a small hike, and had a picnic lunch overlooking the bay - talk about nice... couldn't have asked for a more perfect day... :o)

it was definitely hard getting up this morning, work has been pointless today but i HAVE managed to be productive - i've learned how to use a new script for my website portfolio... might as well take advantage of the downtime cus i'm not sure how much longer it's going to last and being lauren's gone, i can't imagine it will last long... janet mentioned that we need to work on my new job description - i'll believe it when i see it...

anyway, enjoy the photos and the rest of your day... :o)

Steph  – (5:28 PM)  

Sounds like you had a great weekend! You deserve some downtime after all the crazy work that you've been putting in. I hope things are settling down for you??


Vickie  – (5:22 AM)  

it does sound like the perfect relaxing weekend for you two. Glad the weather cooperated.

Greta  – (10:02 AM)  

That sounds like a PERFECT weekend! The ride sounds awesome. Raleigh weather was great too- also getting hot (although cool and wet today) but not too bad.

Spider63  – (1:49 PM)  

Great road trip, especially taking time to enjoy it, hike, picnic!

Teresa  – (2:17 PM)  

Sounds like a picture perfect long weekend. Glad to hear the weather cooperated. Have a wonderful week.

Chris H  – (12:04 AM)  

I envy you, I'm a real summer person and now it's winter... boo hoo!

Take One Stripper Pole  – (2:02 AM)  

Love the pics ... thank you for sharing. You are looking very sexy in your biker gear! :) Here is to warm weather and lots of rides.

CaRoLyN  – (7:40 AM)  

What a great weekend!
Love the pictures!

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