the $4 dress

a few of you requested that i take a picture of this infamous dress, so that's what i did... i also took a pic of another dress i picked-up tonight at penny's (on sale for $14.99) - i've never been one to buy loud or printed dresses but suddenly, that's all i'm drawn too... guess i'm feeling more comfortable in brighter colors these days (another plus to losing weight!)... i also found a pair of brown capris, a pair of tan dress pants, a pair of workout shorts, 2 workout tanks, and 2 cami's that are a much needed item anytime of the year... i didn't have any luck w/shoes though so that will be another trip... such is life... :o)

Chris H  – (8:35 PM)  

Both dresses are really neat! I love the bright coloured one in particular! Way to go!!!

Sizzle  – (9:02 PM)  

You look gorgeous in both. Way to be a bargain shopper!

Anne  – (9:08 PM)  

You're such a hottie!!!!!!!!

angelfish24  – (11:03 PM)  

Cute dresses and you look great! I can't wait to drop some weight and get cute clothes...
Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Kim  – (11:21 PM)  

You look so great!! Check out those collarbones!! :)

Vickie  – (5:05 AM)  

thanks for the pics - loved both the dresses. You look great in V necks.

Greta  – (7:31 AM)  

you are the best bargin shopper! And congrats on the loss.
And thanks for the comment :)

Christina  – (7:32 AM)  

you look beautiful..both dresses are hot!

Dee  – (12:08 PM)  

I can see why you got all the compliments on the plaid dress! It's funky!

Caroline  – (9:11 AM)  

You look fantastic in both of those! I need to go shopping with you. Man, $4???

ThickChick  – (1:56 PM)  

I love the one on the left! I think I'd wear it with my hip faux-cowgirl boots and some funky jewelry. ADORABLE!!

Nice score! And congrats on the loss!

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