easy does it

i've been lazy today and considering the weather (cold and cloudy) i think that's justifiable... it was gorgeous here yesterday - sunny and in the high 60s - but i was indoors for most of the day doing spring cleaning... i cleaned my sliding glass doors and two windows in the LR which consisted of wiping down the blinds, cleaning the glass, washing curtains, and putting up my summer ones... i also cleaned the entire kitchen and bathroom, vacuumed, took a load of clothes to consignment, and dropped of a few bags at goodwill... it feels good to have this done esp. since i neglected the windows last spring and it's nice having less clutter in my bedroom... i'm usually at eric's every weekend so it was nice having some 'me' time, even it was to do some much needed cleaning (which i enjoy, yea i'm weird like that)... :o)

i haven't exercised since thursday - was a bit sore on friday since i started a new weight routine... thought i would hit the sat morning spin class but after working a lot this past week, i needed to sleep in... food has been okay - had thai friday night and we made pizza in eric's cast iron skillet last night... talk about total yum! i highly recommend this if you're into making pizza at home... tonight i'm making turkey kielbasa with veggies and brown rice - looking forward to a warm meal since it's so cold... :o)

i expect this week to be busy at work - hopefully i can continue to stay ahead of the curve and not flip-out on some staff members that THINK they have say over design... i'm sure a lot of places are this way but seriously - let me do my job! god forbid i try something different and new (and better looking in my opinion)... okay, end of rant... ;o)

enjoy the rest of your weekend...

Kate  – (8:23 PM)  

Sounds like you've been busy busy. I am also one of those people who are weird and enjoy cleaning...I know, terrible!

Have a great week, and try not to kill any coworkers, and I will do the same!

Chris H  – (11:25 PM)  

I groan about cleaning all the time, yet when I do a huge declutter I really enjoy it! Glad you had a productive weekend chick.

Christina  – (11:21 AM)  

I had the same tyoe of day yesterday...lazy. It feels good sometimes to just chill and do nothing. At least you got your cleaning in, I have to get on that spring cleaning bit

ThickChick  – (8:24 AM)  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing a deep clean, getting rid of stuff, etc.. I've been slowly doing projects like this over the past few weekends. Let me re-word that... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling afterwards... but don't always enjoy the cleaning part! ;)

Anonymous –   – (10:02 AM)  

Oooh, that turkey kielbasa with veggies sounds great!

Since I am going shopping today, I think that's a terrific idea.


Teresa  – (2:45 PM)  

Spring cleaning, I really need to get around to that too. Hope your week isn't too hectic. The weather here isn't any better. Have a great day.

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