hello... my name is jodi and i'm a non-pointaholic... for some reason i thought i was okay not keeping track of what i was eating but i was wrong... so very wrong... though i know the scale said i gained (2.8 pounds!), i know it's not real and i know it's only temporary... either way, it was enough to get me back on eTools today as well as to the gym for a good 45-minute workout... i ate out not once or twice last week but FOUR times so i'm sure that didn't help either but it's over and today is the beginning of a new week... i'm not sure i can lose 5.6 pounds like kim did but i'll try my best to at least say bye-bye to what i gained... :o)

work is busy and getting busier - some days are really good and i'm productive as hell but other days are just filled w/meetings and dealing w/vendors that seem to think they can change artwork and think you won't notice... um, right! nice try! here is just a tiny list of what i still have to design: 100+ signs for the exhibit hall, various booths (including ours), final program, exhibitor guide, product demo theater program, powerpoint slides, dinner menu, video to be shown on plasma tvs, and a bunch more misc stuff... i also have to do the materials for the black-tie event (that limited staff is allowed to attend) and finalize a 100+ page research report... OY VEY! CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!

i'll try and keep up with everyone as best i can...

happy hump day...

Chris H  – (10:37 PM)  

With work being so hectic I can see why you have been eating out so much! give yourself a break!!! And count points! It really does work.

->cara  – (11:00 PM)  

It's amazing how tracking your food will help you lose weight, isn't it? Like me, for example, I haven't tracked a darn thing this week and I'm already up 2 pounds. Ugh!!!! Why do I do that. I don't really feel like I'm eating too much. I'm counting my points, just not writing them down. And work doesn't help matters much. Sounds like yours is just as crazy as mine. And eating out is the absolute WORST! No matter where I go, I always get something bad. Somebody stop me!!!

Kim  – (11:23 PM)  

I hope that you really aren't sweating those 2.8 pounds, because you will have them back off in no time at all!!

And please don't be overly impressed by my loss this week. After my free-for-all Easterpalooza my weight gain was almost 5 pounds. So, if you deduct that from the weight I lost this week, I might have dropped one real pound out of that 5.6. Once I crack that 165 we can celebrate, but until then, it's ALL business baby!

Speaking of which - good luck with the million and one things you have going on. :) Somehow you'll pull it all off and make it look easy to boot!!

totegirl  – (12:08 AM)  

WE LOVE YOU JODI! Isn't that what they say in NonPointaholicsAnonymous meetings?!

I'm being bad about it too, mostly because I don't want to track the 6 granola bars I ate tonight...

Christy Ann  – (1:58 AM)  

Sheesh. I used to be a graphic designer and I KNOW how much work all that is!... and suppliers who change artwork??? Sadly, the majority of designers prolly wouldn't notice!

Anonymous –   – (8:38 AM)  

Try a high colonic. I hear you can lose 3-5 pounds with those things.

Just kidding.


Christina  – (8:42 AM)  

hahaha i love your comparison to AA. No worries about the gain, like you said you are back on now with e-tools and next week it will be an amazing weigh in :)

Dee  – (10:04 AM)  

Don't sweat it. You put the brakes on and are back to tracking so you'll have those pesky pounds off before you know it!

(or wait....maybe DO sweat it...at the gym!)

Greta  – (10:11 AM)  

hey girl- don't sweat it. We've ALL had those weeks (or for some of us, months, lol). You'll get back on track...that's the fun of lifestyle change...sometimes we just have to roll with life. And hello crazy busy work!!! Goodness.

*Bitch Cakes*  – (11:02 AM)  

Greta is totally right. And I know you're not sweating it. I've been in and out of that same boat myself for 6 months now. You know what you did, and you know what you need to do and I'm confident in you- in US.

xo Sheryl

Kate  – (12:33 PM)  

Sounds like you have the right attitude, and you know why you gained, your so on the right track to succeed! Sometimes life gets in the way!

Teresa  – (1:04 PM)  

Not to worry I'm sure you get rid of the pesky pounds by next weigh in. Sounds as though things have been super hectic for you. Hope you get a reprieve soon. Take care.

Trish  – (2:54 PM)  

Hey jodi! Hope your Thursday is going well. We WILL do this...and even though the scale is evil, sometimes we need to see those numbers on the scale damning us :)

Steph  – (11:44 PM)  

Just wanted you to know that gain or not - you are one of my inspirations. You have so much on your plate already and you have learned to juggle "real life" so welll. Be proud of all that you have and are accomplishing!

P.S. Not to pry but how is your dad??

Sonya  – (10:07 AM)  

With everything you have going on, a gain like that is totally forgivable. In fact, you might as well forget about it because it'll be gone by next week when things (hopefully?) ease up.

By the way - I loooved the skinny latte at Starbucks that you recommended (got the Cinnamon Dolce). Nice treat.

Have a fabulous weekend, Jodi!

Cara  – (10:24 AM)  

You can do it! :-)

Anne  – (9:23 AM)  

Considering how far you've come, that's a small gain. It will be gone before you know it, but you know that already ;)

Mandy  – (9:20 AM)  

Sometimes a little blip is what it takes to get us tracking again. The good thing is that hopping on the scale put things into perspective and now you're going to do better this week.

I hope you're not beating yourself up and that you at least enjoyed eating out last week. Can't change last week, can only be more watchful of what you're eating this week.

TrixieBelden  – (7:01 PM)  

i'm right there with you on etools. but now the scary part is seeing how much i'm actually eating (and drinking)! the weight is temporary - you'll drop it in no time :)

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