how many slices can i fit in my mouth?

begin rant...

UGH, I AM SO FULL! they had a pizza party for my coworker today (the one that's leaving) and it was from ledos - my favorite kind of pizza in the whole, wide world! it's rectangular, with a plain sauce, and provolone cheese so it's easy to put-away more pieces because they're so damn small... i also had a cookie... what is wrong with me? i feel so out of control these past few days - who am i kidding?! i've been out of the WW-loop for a while and it's time to reign things in (again)... i have a little more than a week til this annual meeting is over and then i can bring the focus back to ME and not just work... i know it seems silly that i can't do both at the same time but when my schedule is messed-up and i'm working crazy hours, everything just seems less important... one bad day of eating - soon turns into a week and then one missed workout - soon turns into 3... what happened to the girl that was jogging 6x week and keeping track of everything? ugh! she got lazy, that's what, and i don't like her so i'm going to have to kick her out... :o)

end of rant...

my weekend was good - i found a few things at the yard sale but i also got super sunburned which is bad... i'm usually very good at wearing sunscreen but forgot and am now paying for it on my neck and chest... eric got two stereo components for his garage so we hooked that up on sunday and it sounds great - i told him he needs to move his office out there now... we watched two movies: 'the departed' (which is good even the 2nd time) and 'into the wild' which was amazing but very sad - i highly recommend it... we had hamburgers on the grill for dinner and s'mores (which is my fault but i wanted to celebrate the first burger grilling of the summer)... they were very tasty... ;o)

i'm wearing a dress today that i picked-up at goodwill with my mom a few week ago - it's a knee-length, plaid, linen dress with a belt and when i put it on this morning, i wasn't impressed... but i wore it anyway because i hate changing outfits once i've made a decision... well, i've gotten like 10 compliments on it today - how funny is that... and to think i paid like $4 for the thing, that just cracks me up... so maybe i will keep it afterall... ;o)

guess that's all - tomorrow is weigh-in and i'm not looking forward to it... there will be a big gain for sure but that's okay - i need to have a starting point... i have to go on a press-check in baltimore in the morning and the CSR was like, "should i get donuts for the trip?"... i said, thanks but no thanks (i sure hope he was kidding!)...

happy tuesday...

Kate  – (3:36 PM)  

It's so easy to let one bad day, turn into one bad week and so on. I did it late last year. I think we all let it get away from us time to time, for various reasons, and I think you've had some good ones! It's hard to reel it back in, but I have faith in ya, and I know you can do it! no More excuses!

eurydice  – (4:50 PM)  

i'd like to see this $4 dress!

Caroline  – (5:23 PM)  

Whenever my schedule gets thrown off it is SO hard to stay on track. Even if I'm not traveling somewhere, the key for me is when I'm not in control of my meals. That's all it takes and I can be off the wagon before I even know what happened! But I always try to tell myself that I know my schedule will get back to normal soon. And my motto: I can't always control what I'm eating for dinners, but I always have 100% control over how much I eat. I try to always remember that. Now whether I always follow that is another story... ;)

Rebecca M.  – (9:09 PM)  

i must agree with you and caroline, the minute things get demanding at work, everything else seems less important.

i do everything i can just to hold onto that sanity i need to get through crazy work days, but these pass and so will this "lazy" girl.

keep up the great work! your so close to goal!

Kim  – (9:19 PM)  

Ugh - I've SO been there. Pizza is a tough one to do in moderation, especially if it's REALLY GREAT pizza.

Forgive yourself for the splurge and move on. :)

Sizzle  – (9:30 PM)  

I change my outfit at least three time before I leave the house. Every day.

It's ridiculous!

Christina  – (8:38 AM)  

I hear you about slipping and pulling in the reins, it has been really tough lately. I joined carolyn's challenge to help stay accountable...I am not sure if you are there to but it's not to late and can help keep you on track :)

Deborah  – (9:59 AM)  

Don't kick that girl out, just give her a "kick start." You can do it and way to go on saying no to the doughnuts.

Vickie  – (10:30 AM)  

I agree - we need a pic of the $4 dress.

I still struggle with pizza. We have an extra refrigerator upstairs and I go through spells where I just can't face a box in the down stairs refrigerator - it has to go up and out of sight.

Teresa  – (1:51 PM)  

Pizza is kryptonite, when it comes to a busy schedule. Yeah lets see that $4 dress. Hope you weigh in goes well.

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