two steps forward and one step back, as they say... 2 pounds magically reappeared this week - okay, maybe not magically but i wasn't expecting it regardless... exercise has been sporadic - no spin class or 6-hour yard work this past weekend... and i've also been eating a lot of bagels for some reason (bread is my downfall) but i'm not going to let this gain derail me... i'm hoping that after this week is over, my daily schedule will be back to normal and thus, i can make exercising top priority again... i didn't go to the gym yesterday or today because of my workload but i will make a point to go tomorrow, regardless of what's on my plate... i made a big pot of turkey chili tonight so i have lunches for the rest of the week - i've also been eating a lot of fruit so my goal is to, once again, get off what i gained... :o)

like mentioned above - work has just been extremely busy... i have two more pieces that need to go to the printer this week and several signs to finish, including our booth which is taking forever because of the file sizes... i have also yet to hear from the printer about the our trip to baltimore, so i can see the embossing of the black-tie program, but am hoping it won't be til next week when things are slower... we shall see...

i learned on monday that a coworker, whom i used to be pretty close too, put in her 2-weeks notice last friday... she doesn't have another job lined-up but is instead going to key west and living in a house she rented for a month... she feels that getting away from everything and everyone will help her focus on what she wants to do w/her life and career - i can't say i blame her but personally, i could never make such a move without having some sort of plan... she offered eric and i a place to stay, if we wanted to visit - not sure if we'll go but it's a very nice thought! :o)

well, i'm off to finish some laundry - getting ready to swap my winter/summer clothes this weekend so there's much to do... i have about 10-15 pairs of shoes at work that i need to bring home too, i hate carrying them back and forth everyday so i've just kept them under my desk... shhhh... ;o)

happy hump day...

Jeni  – (10:56 PM)  

Sorry about the gain - no worries though, you are so close to goal you are bound to bounce around a little here and there. I'm sure it'll be gone by next week. That is crazy about your coworker - sounds like she's really got some things to work out. Might be a nice excuse for you to go to Florida though. :)

CaRoLyN  – (7:36 AM)  

Ahh that gain will be gone in so time, especially once you start hitting the gym again on a regular basis. Sorry to hear that work is soo busy, I hear ya on that front. It's hard to stay focused and ont rack when life gets so hectic eh?

Hang in there!

Christina  – (8:03 AM)  

yuk 2lb gain but great attitude and you're staying focused. I hear you about the bread, that is my downfall too.
It seems everyone is crazy busy with work these days, we have to stay focused and get that scale a moving down :)

Fatinah  – (9:15 AM)  

bummer 'bout the gain - that is never fun. Since you weren't really expecting it, some of that gain is likely water retention. Good that you'll be able to get back to your routine soon though - sure throws a wrench in things when you're out of the routine, huh? Keep up the good work.

Caroline  – (9:21 AM)  

I had that 2 lb gain the week before last. So frustrating! But I know you'll get it back off. And I'm totally with you on having a plan. I could never quit a job without having another one lined up. Before I got my job offer (yay!) and I would talk to people and they would say to just enjoy my time off if I still didn't have a job after I took the Bar. But I knew I would not be able to enjoy that time. I would have gone crazy. I have loans to pay back, people! Being a lawyer is great, but law school is not cheap!

And I love that you leave your dress shoes at work. Every job I've ever had, I did the same thing! And I just did the summer/winter clothes swap a few weeks ago. It's such a pain!

HappyBlogChick  – (9:25 AM)  

The gain will be gone before you know it. Darned bagels! I love those things.

Your co-worker is brave. I don't think I could do that, either.

Sizzle  – (11:28 AM)  

I want to go somewhere sunny by the beach for a month and sort my life out too. Sounds like a great idea!

Teresa  – (11:53 AM)  

Chin-up I'm sure you will have this gain gone by next week. Hope your life returns to normal and you can relax a bit. Take care.

Kate  – (2:05 PM)  

Don't sweat the gain, I'm positive that once your schedule settles down, and you get back to your normal eating patterns and exercise routine, the last 6lbs will fly off.

I'm also a bread addict. I could live on bread products and things like pasta...can we say...I love CARBS lol.

eurydice  – (3:36 PM)  

what a bold move from your coworker. i admire people who can really take time for themselves.

kelly  – (8:11 AM)  

dont let it get you down, the scale is so finnicky!

p.s. i love the graphic at the top of the page. i miss out on stuff like this when i read stuff through google reader. so cool!!

Candace  – (8:39 AM)  

My home scale is going wonky and was telling me I was up 5 lbs. WTF? I ignored it.

Chris H  – (4:17 AM)  

You must have LOTS of shoes mate! LOL

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