so glad this week is over

work pretty much sucked yesterday, i was an emotional mess for some reason (meds?), and even had a few crying spells in my office... i lost a battle with a design i wanted to use in the final program - my boss and the woman in charge of the conference said it wasn't anything against me, my talent, or all the hard work i've been doing... it was a decision made by someone 'higher-up' and i just had to accept it... i was so hurt and so frustrated since i'm always trying to improve on what we do but sometimes, you just gotta move on regardless of how personal the work may be to you... i could've just locked myself in my office all day but i took my hour, had a great weight-workout, and called it a day at 5:00...

today was much better, thank god, and i made progress on some other stuff - thought i would have to work this weekend but i don't so that makes me VERY happy... i took my hour and went for a long walk down to the mall - it was gorgeous here today, sunny, and in the low 70s... too bad sat/sun are going to suck so i'm glad i took advantage of it... :o)

not sure what the rest of the weekend may hold - i told eric we should take a roadtrip somewhere but with the forecast, i'm not sure what we'll do... we haven't gone anywhere or done anything in quite a while and i'm feeling antsy... i also feel like i need to get away from here and from work and just have fun... we'll see what happens - he's hanging out w/the boys tonight so i'm home doing laundry and taking pictures...

as promised, i attempted to take pictures of some of the dresses i've purchased lately - sorry for the blurriness and half-body shots but there are only so many places that i can put the camera and have the timer work... my fav is the blue/black lace one and it will be perfect for my friend's wedding in july - i'll wear the green/flower one to eric's sister's wedding which is also in july... i have NO idea when i'll wear the red one but it was a steal at ross for $13.99 and i had to get it... anyway, max was enjoying himself and said i looked "very purrrrty"... ;o)

have a great weekend everyone... :o)

Kim  – (10:47 PM)  

JODI!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!!! All of the dresses are so lovely. My favorite is the one with the lace overlay. STUNNING!!!

angelfish24  – (11:21 PM)  

Cute dresses! And you look great. Sorry about your work being day being dissapointing. Hope you get that road trip you want. That sounds fun.

marie  – (11:35 PM)  

LOVE the dresses.

I agree - the lace one is the best!!!

So cute with the kitty :)

Fatinah  – (1:45 AM)  

I like the red - very sassy! You look GORGEOUS in all of them!!

Cute kitty!!!!

Foo  – (1:52 AM)  

Love the lace one, you look awesome! I can also relate to the design thing, it sucks when you are really passionate about one and they choose something else. Hang in there Jodi!

Vickie  – (6:46 AM)  

Love all the dresses - great cut for you - you look fabulous.

JavaChick  – (10:06 AM)  

Beautiful dresses, you look great!

Cute kitty too. :)

Christina  – (1:09 PM)  

Jodi great pics, great hair and amazing dresses. You are so beautiful, wowza!! Who is that skinny hottie :) I love the red dress best

HappyBlogChick  – (4:49 PM)  

VERY pretty dresses - and pretty woman in them! :-)

Sorry about sucky work.

->cara  – (6:22 PM)  

Wow, thanks for sharing the pix! I agree with you, I LOVE the black one with the lace. Gorgeous!!!

You need to FIND a reason to wear that red dress, deary. That kind of dress needs to be worn out dancing the night away. Love your hear cut, too. I wish I had the nerve to get mine cut so short. Maybe when I get skinnier.

I can totally relate to the bummer about them not using your design. I'm a designer at heart but my current position keeps me working in production more than in the graphics of the magazine. And I did a design last month for our May issue that (I was told by everyone who saw it) was spectacular. But the lead designer still hasn't given me one more design assignment so now I'm thinking everyone was just being nice when they said that. I thought my design was kick butt! It's funny how these designs are such personal things and we really take it personal when it's really just graphics on a page when it all boils down, right?

Kate  – (9:55 PM)  

You look wonderful!!! I love the red one and the black /lacy one.

Deborah  – (2:25 PM)  

Hi, this is Cara's Mom. Love the dresses! I agree with Cara, you need to go dancin' in the red one. Wish there was a Ross's around here, they are awesome. I sure hope I look as good as you when I get to the 150's. I sure still look fat now even after a loss of 50 lbs.

Anne  – (4:36 PM)  

Jodi, you look beautiful!!! I think you look gorgeous in every dress. Eric is one lucky guy!!

Amuldoon  – (4:48 PM)  

Jodester = hawt

MEOW.. you are sooo hot. That neckline totally suits you my friend.

I'm wit the others. Lace overlay is THE dress for you. HOT HOT HOT!

Chris H  – (8:19 PM)  

OOOO I love all the dresses, you look darn fine in them all!!! Hope you had a great weekend and the weather wasn't to crappy.

Greta  – (11:40 AM)  

You look SO HOT! I LOVE that red dress, you look amazing in all of them! And look at that furry baby...sooo cute!
Sorry work is being a drag...that always sucks. But who cares....YOU LOOK AWESOME!

Teresa  – (12:29 PM)  

Looking Good! Sorry to hear your week ended a bit rough. Glad to see you picked yourself up. Hope you had some fun over the weekend. 70 envious, it rained/snowed all weekend in MTL.

totegirl  – (12:54 PM)  

They're all gorgeous, as you are in them! Sorry about work. I'm getting that same shit right now. GRRRR.

Anonymous –   – (1:20 PM)  

My favorite one is the one with the black lace. You look so elegant in it.

Dee  – (12:01 PM)  

Sorry about your work issues, but you look fantastic in your dresses! (even better that they were such bargains!)

Candace  – (8:23 AM)  

Jodi - you look GREAT! I love the rounded neck-line with your face, but all of the dresses are super cute. Don't you love not having to mix-and-match. I'm SO glad spring is finally here.

~Les  – (8:54 AM)  

You look so amazing, sister!

OMG. Every time I come here and see it, I remember how much I love your hair. It's SO FUN. But, I'm a wus and won't cut my hair short.

Take care!

*Bitch Cakes*  – (2:11 PM)  

Hey lady- I am so behind on reading blogs and I have missed you!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and de-stressed and spent time with the boy. That being said, you are gorgeous and I LOVE you in that red dress - it's stunning! You look fantastic in all of them, but the red is hands down my favorite!

eurydice  – (4:39 PM)  

all of those dresses are sooooo pretty. and you in them of course. :)

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