this past week was not perfect by any means, for tracking or exercising, but the scale said otherwise - i lost 3 pounds and accomplished losing what i gained last week and then some! whoo hooo! i really REALLY want to keep this momentum going because it feels great and i'm SO close to my goal... as long as i can keep things together at work, i will make more of an effort to get away from my desk for an hour and exercise... work will always be there when i get back... ;o)

i took today off because i had a doctor's appt. in the morning and a dentist appt. in the afternoon - my heart murmur is just that, a murmur, and nothing serious or anything for me to worry about... a lot of people have them, he said, and they're going to monitor it once a year to make sure everything remains in-check... the doc also took blood and will get the results in a few days to see if the synthroid level he has me on is right - he asked if i felt better and i said i felt fine, like i did before... i wasn't feeling bad or having any symptoms before the medication so maybe i won't feel anything after everything has levels out - who knows!

after i got home from the docs, i did 40-minutes on the treadmill, hit the shower, and then picked-up my mom (i take her along when she's not busy)... i headed to the dentist where once again, i was commented on how nice my teeth and gums are (note: i NEVER floss!) and i also have no cavities! since i rescheduled my hair appt. for later in the day - we had lunch at chipotle and then went to coldwater creek to exchange a jacket she got me (i needed a size small which still amazes me)... i tried on some dresses, since i now have two weddings to go too this summer, and found a knock-out dress with black lace over light blue satin on sale for $29... i also got another one that is cream with flowers, very flowy, and on sale $19 - the best part is that the dresses are in a size 8! i've never had dresses in a size 8! EVER! wow! i literally stood in front of the mirror, in both shock and awe, because what i was seeing was not what i'm used too... as much as a bitch and moan about gaining/losing - i think i've finally realized that my body HAS changed and all this hard work IS paying off... i'm glad no one else was in the dressing room because i probably looked really strange in front of the 3-way mirrors! ;o)

after shopping - it was off to get my haircut, then i dropped off mom, and headed to panera bread to meet two of my girlfriends for dinner... their new creamy tomato soup is to die for, if anyone's curious... i also ran to kohl's because my mom had a 30% coupon and i ended up getting another dress (for work) that will look adorable with black capri tights and ballet slippers... can you tell that when i go shopping, i GO shopping... :o)

hard to believe i have to go back to work tomorrow but it was a productive day and i'm ready to dive back into meeting material... unless there's a miracle, i will probably work on saturday - i just know things are going to start flying and flying fast so it's better to get what i can done now, and worry about the last-minute stuff later... i don't mind really because i can dress casual, play loud music, and not worry about people bugging me... :o)

happy hump day...

Anonymous –   – (12:03 AM)  

Way to go on that loss! That is awesome!

Greta  – (8:20 AM)  

AWESOME! Congrats on the loss! And the good dentist visit! I HAVE to floss every day or else I have serious issues, ugh.
So cool about the size 8!!! woo hoo.

Fatinah  – (9:24 AM)  

way to go on an awesome loss!
You should post some pictures of you in your new dresses - they sound really pretty

marie  – (9:32 AM)  

Congrats on the 3lb loss and size 8s!! :)

Teresa  – (11:27 AM)  

Great loss! How wonderful. Yeah for you, size "8". Don't work too hard.

Kate  – (12:03 PM)  

Congrats on the great loss! I knew you'd get that gain off from last week (plus a bit!) Your so close to goal!

Christina  – (1:28 PM)  

3 lbs wooza! amazing! How's the haircut...do we get to see pics :)

->cara  – (10:25 PM)  

Congrats on the 3 lbs loss!!!! You're almost there!!!

Glad to hear it was a heart murmur. I have a friend who's had a heart murmur his whole life and it didn't slow him down a bit. Hopefully you'll be the same way.

Woo Hooo about the size 8!! What a great treat to get after such a big loss. I can't wait until I'm down that small. You must be so happy. I just went shopping myself and I've finally made it down to a size 16. I know that sounds huge, but last year this time I was a 26W!! So 16 feels like an 8 to me right now. :)

Kim  – (10:54 PM)  

WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Congratulations on the big loss and the size 8's!!! I am so happy for you!!! :)

Anonymous –   – (9:15 AM)  

3 pounds? Fantastic! Keep up the wonderful work girlie. You are getting there.

eurydice  – (1:04 PM)  

it's so nice to buy clothes when you are so close to goal and feel good looking and toned! yahoo!

Anonymous –   – (9:21 PM)  
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