go USA!

had a nice weekend though we were on the road friday, saturday, and then sunday - the weather was gorgeous, almost chilly at night, so it made for great sleeping... we didn't get to my sister's cabin until after 11 on friday night - we were both exhausted so we were in bed rather quickly... saturday morning, we went for an hour+ hike and this time i actually saw some wildlife (unlike last time), two deer were running thru the woods and crossed in front of us... i made blueberry pancakes for breakfast (eric was rather impressed) and then we headed over to my dad's... it was one of his 'good' days so that made me happy - he was talking a lot (about bricklaying) and pretty awake so the visit was well worth it... i left the nurses some homemade zucchini bread, i hope they liked it... :o)

from there, we headed to eric's parents and then soon after we arrived - we were back in their van, heading to dinner... his mom didn't feel like cooking so we grabbed something to eat at this nice golf-course restaurant... as for the rest of the evening, we were able to watch 3 different fireworks shows from their side porch - not bad for living in the boondocks of pittsburgh... sunday morning, we did some things around the house, moved the cows to a different field, hooked up the trailer, loaded a recliner for his sister, and hit the road (after picking blackberries and blueberries)... we were home by 7:30 and then i was back in the car, heading to target so i could buy school supplies for the charity we were supporting at work... $74 later (huh?), i was finally home and done for the night... oh yea, i froze 3 gallon-size bags of tomatoes - i soon won't be able to get anything else in my freezer! since i was wide awake - i watched some of the olympics and feel so lucky to have seen the men's relay team win the gold medal... that was the most awesome relay to watch - i was so happy that i screamed (sorry neighbors!)... :o)

my boss was out of the office today so it was pretty quiet... i went for a nice jog on the mall and wore my new running skirt - not sure if i like it or not, the biker shorts (underneath) kept riding up... perhaps if i had a polyester-blend instead of cotton it would work better? any recommendations? i bought it online so maybe i should stick to buying things in the store next time... ;o)

well, it's time to get back to the olympics - see below for some new pics... enjoy! :o)

Anne  – (11:26 PM)  

Glad you had such a great weekend. I too love to watch the olympics :)

Sharla Rae  – (3:08 AM)  

Pretty pictures!

I love watching the olympics. I did think the opening ceremony was great in some parts and a little weird in others.

CaRoLyN  – (8:42 AM)  

Sounds like a busy weekend! Wowsa! Love the pics though. You know you live in the sticks when hearding cattle is one of your mentioned activities. Although I must say, I'm jealous! It sounds like so much fun!!

spunkysuzi  – (8:46 AM)  

Sounds like a great weekend ;)

Kate  – (10:58 AM)  

Love the pics! Sounds like a great weekend!

Foo  – (11:57 AM)  

I'm totally glued to the Olympics too! Love the photos, especially the cows, Mooo!

Elephant Steps  – (5:04 PM)  

I love the cow pictures!! You picked your own black and blue berries! So cool!! I saw that relay too, and it was pretty damn exciting. I've had lots of time on my hands to watch the olympics. Check out my new blog to see why, and please remove my old blog from your side bar. I am deleting it soon. :)

Greta  – (12:31 PM)  

oooooI LOVE cows. LOVE! So cute!

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