sorry that i haven't posted since monday, not much has been going on that seemed blog-worthy but since it's friday, i thought i should stop by and at least say hello... work has been quiet but busy - the new designer starts on monday and i'm VERY excited because that means a lot of the upcoming work will be split among 3 of us, instead of just 2... i'm also looking forward to the upcoming evaluation process since i'm up for a promotion - my boss has told me time and time again that i will be promoted, once our dept. is fully staffed again, so i'll have my list ready when it comes time for my review... :o)

speaking of work, my company has formed a 'green team' to help make the office more environmentally friendly... we've done some small things like swap paper products for recycled, add more recycle bins for newspaper and mixed-paper, etc. but we're hoping to do more like install filters for our water so we can cut-back on delivery service... an e-newsletter is in the works for next month and this is the banner i came up with... i enjoy working on fun projects like this since i can have more creative freedom, hopefully the newsletter will be something i can add to my portfolio... :o)

speaking of creative things, i've run across some nicely designed websites and thought i would share... --> grocery store (md/va) that has revamped their logo and website - love it! --> compare ingredients, products, and all sorts of stuff --> tons of well-organized recipes or calculate your own --> a great food & recipe-related blog with amazing photos

my weekend plans are rather minimal at this point... eric is having "the boys" over at his place so i'll be solo tonight - no biggie, i have a list of some camping stuff i need to buy so i'll be shopping after work... tomorrow, i'm going to hit the gym for spinning and then i'm meeting my sister for lunch and returning zoe (her cat that i've been cat-sitting)... she is worried about taking her to the new house because (1) it's still not done and (2) her hubby is being an ass and has a new rule of "no pets in the house"... their other cat, oreo, has been missing since they left for vacation - he either got eaten by a coyote (which have been spotted where they live) or he wandered off and someone took him... anyway, i'll be sad to see zoe go because i think max has enjoyed having the company but i'll be very happy to have less hair on my carpet... as of now, i have no plans for sunday and will probably head over to eric's... :o)

have a great weekend everyone... :o)

Elephant Steps  – (5:50 PM)  

Oh man don't even get me started with cat hair. I am afraid to admit how many cats we have, and the hair is insane right now. I do love them all though, so I guess it's worth it! :)

Have a nice weekend Jodi.

spunkysuzi  – (10:56 PM)  

Sounds like you've had a good week ;) Hope you get the promotion!!
Have a nice relaxing weekend.

carla  – (6:44 AM)  

IM totally obsessed with label watch now as well----love...


TrixieBelden  – (7:16 AM)  

your header for the newsletter is so cute! i hope to see more of your projects. i am envious of your creative options. i haven't been inspired/motivated lately, so i've just been watching tv - not good!

have a great weekend & enjoy spinning. i'm going to go running for the first time in months :)

Vickie  – (7:26 AM)  

cats pick up on negative vibes (and then start peeing in the corners). Sometimes they do this when moving into a new house - just because of the new-ness. You might consider keeping Zoe . . .

I used to take a roll of packing tape and clean the carpeting and my clothes with the sticky side of the tape. then I got smart and used the sticky side directly on the cat. it didn't hurt - she actually liked it. I never did figure out if she was then licking up sticky residue or not. . .

Teresa  – (12:32 PM)  

Good luck with that promotion. Hope you found some fun things to do over the weekend.

JavaChick  – (8:57 AM)  

Um...No pets in the house? What is she going to do with the poor kitty then? They can't leave it outside all the time.

Dumb rule.

Never met the guy, but yes, he is an ass.

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