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hope you guys had a lovely weekend - i don't know about you but the weather in MD was gorgeous... i just HOPE that it stays like this for our vacation, which as of today is only 13 days away... god, it can't get here soon enough... anyway, saturday was fun - i got my haircut (very short) and then spent the day w/my mom yard saling... i'm wearing one of my big purchases as we speak: a brand-new, banana republic pencil skirt, with the tags still on --> only 50 cents! from there, we stopped by to see my brother and his g/f and then grabbed some dinner... saturday night, i stayed home and watched both the redskins game (GO SKINS!) and the olympics - i think i may have shed a tear when michael phelps won his last gold medal... how exciting! :o)

yesterday, i had a nice sleep-in considering i had not one, not two, but all THREE cats at my apartment... at one point, though for not very long, they were all on my bed which was very cute... later in the day, i headed over to eric's and we watched some of the race, checked on the garden, made dinner, watched 2 episodes of 'long way down', and then watched 'the notebook'... man, i forgot what a tear-jerker of a movie that was! even eric wiped away a few... ;o)

work was busy today - got another research pub to work on so most of the day was spent formatting charts and tables... i did make a point to get to the gym and had a good 30-minute workout on the elliptical so at least i gave my eyes a break... i'm in the process of sauteing some chicken for my salads this week and then it's off to watch some of the olympics...

anyhoo, thought i'd share some pics of our yummy dinner last night, my walk to work this morning, and what my office looks like... since i've been blogging for over 3 years, i figured some of you may be curious to see where i spend my days... enjoy! :o)

pizza with homemade sauce and veggies/herbs from our garden

eric's contribution to dinner

DC is the first city in the US to have the SmartBikes ($40/year and you can use them for 3-hours a day)

i can't wait for this man to move out!

this is my office door - can you tell i like cats?

this is my desk - notice the organized but cluttered bulletin board

other side of my office with framed watercolors i painted

my nieces love to contribute to my alien collection

my nieces also give me their 'extra' barbies

view from my office window

here's me looking studious with glasses and new hairdo

kelly  – (11:04 PM)  

love your new do and the pics of your office. i live in cubicle land, i can only imagine having an office like that, with a view!!

we saw the smart bikes last week when we went to the verizon center, very cool!! :)

and ditto: GO SKINS!!

Kim  – (11:17 PM)  

How cool!! I loved getting a glimpse into your world!! :)

LOVE the new do!!

Vickie  – (3:38 AM)  

loved the pics and the new hair!

Kate  – (9:51 AM)  

Love the pics!

spunkysuzi  – (10:40 AM)  

That pizza looks so good even with eric's contribution ;)
Nice office!
Love your new 'do' ;)

TrixieBelden  – (11:55 AM)  

i love the pictures! your office is fabulous.

Teresa  – (2:19 PM)  

Nice new hair style. Loved having a look into your day. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for the vacation.

Sizzle  – (12:15 AM)  

Your hair is fab, of course.

CaRoLyN  – (9:13 AM)  

Love the hair! You look amazing.

Dinner looks too good to be true. I'm drolling on my keyboard at work. How embarassing.

Greta  – (11:22 AM)  

GREAT pics- that pizza looks yummy! And your office is so organized and clean- almost makes me want to tidy mine up.....almost ;)

Three kitties on the bed sounds like heaven to me, so relaxing (as long as they are sleeping and not fighting).

Anne  – (8:13 PM)  

I adore your hair, it's so cute!
Your office is so full of personality!! It's great, makes me want to decorate mine a little more, it's so blah..lol

Caroline  – (9:48 AM)  

Love the hair. You are looking fabulous!

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