hail to the... bunch of losers

just wanted to post some pics from last night's football game... we had a great time and couldn't have asked for better weather... i made us both tshirts but eric ended up borrowing a steeler's jersery from a friend of mine so we didn't quite match in the end... and yea, the skins lost but it was an awesome game all the way up to the very end (what's up with brunell, man?!?!)... we had a very healthy lunch during the day so i wasn't as tempted to eat at the stadium but i did grab a hot pretzel (w/mustard) and had ONE light beer (for $8 frickin dollars!)... according to eric's scale, i lost a pound between sat & sun which i think is pretty funny - let's see how things progress for wednesday... :o)

today, we attempted to go to annapolis on the bike but rain stopped us and we turned around... then, something broke on his muffler so it was incredibly loud coming home but i didn't mind - i'm used to it and kind of like it... we did some grocery shopping and laundry and then i came home to work on my sister's website... she is the president of her local humane society and asked me to work on this a while ago - i've just been so busy and kept putting off... i made a lot of progress so i feel much better now, hopefully it will be live soon and i'll share once its done... :o)

the view from our seats (nosebleed section)...

my lovely, homemade tshirt... go skins!

men in tight pants, need i say more?

eric ruining yet another good pic... ;o)

boo... hiss... :-p

Courtney  – (9:06 PM)  

Jodi: Looks like a ton of fun! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and your general positive attitude. It's so shines through your smile and the little pics you include on your posts!



totegirl  – (9:07 PM)  

Dude, that is the nicest shirt! I want one! But for the Texans, natch. Must get on that STAT! Sorry about your team...but HOORAY FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!

Kim  – (10:26 PM)  

Here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO!! :)
hee hee hee

I'm glad to hear that you guys had fun at the game. And good for you for doing so well with the eating portion of it!! We went to see the Pirates on Saturday night - I'll admit to a half a dozen french fries, but other than that I was goooooooood. :)

Chris H  – (11:33 PM)  

Firstly... Eric is a dork!
Second... what a huge stadium, so many people!!! We don't have such big ones here! Glad you had fun, and way to go on avoiding the dreaded stadium crap food!

Chris H  – (11:33 PM)  

I meant "dork" ever so nicely of course! *snigger*

KL  – (11:33 PM)  

Now you've ruined everything! You're a Redskins fan?

Go Cowboys! My mom's had season tickets for 36 years.

Living to Feel Good  – (2:15 AM)  

That is a GREAT looking home made shirt. I pictured you drawing on a shirt or something, that looks really good!!

pastgirl  – (9:10 AM)  

You guys are so cute!

Ro  – (9:22 AM)  

That pic of you and Eric made me spit my coffee out....Too Cute!

Spidey  – (9:39 AM)  

That's a cool trick with the eye. I used to try to do that, but the best I have done is all whites (zombie look)

CaRoLyN  – (10:47 AM)  

Cute cute pictures!!!
Looks like you guys had a great time. Good job staying away from corn dogs and greasy popcorn at the game!!

Anonymous –   – (2:10 PM)  

looks like a blast.

angelfish24  – (8:22 PM)  

Looks like a lot of fun. And nice t-shirts!! It's been such a long time since we went to a game. Maybe we will get to a Mariner baseball game this year. I don't know if my son will like it at his age....he prob. will want us to walk around all the time.

Crabby McSlacker  – (12:37 PM)  

I can not believe Eric can do that with his eyes--it's, well, lets just say impressive!

Looks like a fun time--I'm a 49'r fan at heart (which has not been a fun thing to be for a couple decades), but since I'm in DC for a bit I'll have to make a little rooting room for the Redskins too!

Lacey  – (4:45 PM)  

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I can't wait for the Seahawks vs Bears game on Nov 19th, I've never been to an NFL game!

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