what a busy week

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i'm so glad its friday, what a crazy, busy week it has been (for me anyway)... thank you for the kind comments re: the wedding photos, i just wish my arms didn't look so fat... i'm definitely wearing something with sleeves when i get married so that won't be a problem... ;o)

so work has been crazy but my boss has off today which means time to catch-up on other stuff besides work... i DO have to work on a 50th anniversary logo but that's not #1 on my list right now (i know, how terrible of me!)... my internet connnection is sill wonky at home so eric's going to try a few things tonight to see if it helps - it could be my vonage box or it could be my computer, who knows... eventually, i'll need to get a new one (comp) but not right now - i'm still trying to pay off my credit card and build-up my savings... if and when i do, i'll probably get a Mac - who would've thought... :o)

i went over to my mom's last night to drop-off a few things and see her before she leaves for iceland (she's leading a group of about 12 people)... i have no idea what iceland is known for so i couldn't really tell her what to get me - jewelry is always nice... for the rest of the night - we hung out w/some old friends of hers, in their backyard, watching this flower bloom... it only happens once a year, usually in august, and smells wonderful like a lily - you could actually see the plant moving as the petals opened... the locusts were also out and buzzing around and they seemed to like the flowers too... i took some photos w/my phone, the little guy's a bit fuzzy but you get the idea... :o)

here's my food-related top 5 for this week, enjoy! :o)

—the top-100 best packaged foods for women
—these drinks look healthy but they're packed with calories
—garden overflowing w/tomatos this year? try one of these recipes
—maybe eating between meals isn't so bad afterall
—the cutest (and smartest) cocktail plates ever!

weekend plans consist of, so far, seeing 'bourne ultimatum' and going to the skins/steerlers game tomorrow night... GO REDSKINS (sorry darlin but c'mon)... the weather looks pretty nice so i'm sure eric will want to go for a motorcycle ride - i have no problems with that at all... :o)

have a great weekend!

p.s. a big thank-you goes out to totegirl for giving me an award - i will try to post mine over the weekend... :o)

Calyn  – (11:13 AM)  

Thank you as always for the top 5! You bring us the best info :) I hear the movie is really good, but we will wait til it is on pay-per-view and then watch on the big screen w/ surround sound! DH likes it better that way, plus I won't be tempted to eat yummy butter popcorn! Have a great weekend!!

Ro  – (11:44 AM)  

Great Top 5 nad I hope you get some rest the weekend and have an OP one as well...

Chris H  – (5:10 PM)  

Beautiful flower... hope you enjoy the movie, we are still waiting for it to come out here.. 23rd of this month ... can't wait!

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