there's no sugar in this, right?

here we are, back to monday again, i swear these weekends are just flying by like mad... speaking of mad - eric and i were craving some iced coffee yesterday from WaWa and being the closest one to his house was in college park, we made a mad dash for it, on the motorcycle (about 25 mins)... oh yea, there was some rain coming but we went anyway and when we got there - BOTH machines were out... the poor kid working there looked at me like i had 2 heads when i said, "we came a LONG way to get these" so he grudgingly swapped out the empty carton for a full one... he also made a funny face when he sampled it and said, "i'm so not a coffee drinker"... ha! he doesn't know what he's missing! we got a bit wet on the ride home but it was pretty fun - yea, i'm crazy but who cares... :o)

on saturday, i did my spinning class but hated the instructor - talk about unmotivating... i could've done the workout myself and the music was SO loud, you couldn't hear was he was saying... funny how you get used to one instructor and everyone else seems like an amateur... after that, i helped eric clean out the gutters and then we headed to my brother's for a cookout - grilled burgers, fresh corn, and macaroni salad - mmm mmm... not the best meal but we didn't have lunch so i figured it worked out in the end anyway...

as for the rest of the weekend, since it was so hot - we watched a few episodes of the old 'feasting on asphalt' with alton brown, as well as the first show of the new season - i highly recommend it, its fun to watch plus you learn a few things along the way... we also watched the movie 'a scanner darkly', some of the nascar race, john from cincinnati, and entourage... yea, we watch a lot of tv... :o(

this week is going to be super busy starting tonight... i'm cat-sitting for my sister and even though i love having zoe around, i'm not sure about max... he seems to enjoy pile-driving her off chairs and chasing her around the apartment (maybe i'll leave him at eric's)... i also have a ton of little things to do including getting my haircut AND preparing for this little wedding i'm in on saturday - yikes, can't believe that's almost here... :-o

happy monday...

Chris H  – (8:40 PM)  

Ha, good luck with the cat (I don't like em)... and yep, that wedding has come up fast! Hope it all goes well and you look devine! Photos of the dress!

Crabby McSlacker  – (11:06 PM)  

I love that you got the guy to get off his duff and change the cartons for your iced coffee! Isn't that, um, like his job? I'd have been pissed too if I came all that way, in the rain on a motorcycle! (You guys are careful when your ride, right?)

Thanks for the advice on DC! Can't wait to check it out. Though apparently I'm arriving right with a heatwave on Weds? Nice.

Anonymous –   – (10:07 AM)  

FIrst time poster here, just wante to say that I really like your website. Keep up the good work.

My brother lives in DE and my SIL is addicted to WaWa coffee - too funny!!

kelly  – (11:48 AM)  

the wedding i went to was outside!!! so hot! probably 95 degrees but we were under a tent and there were fans. we sucked it up, enjoyed some frozen margaritas and played through the "pain" haha. it was fun.

and i LOVE iced coffee. i usually get starbucks, unsweetened. i order a grande but have them put it in a venti cup. add lots of skim milk and 4 splenda. so yummy. i need to try wawa though :)

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