wow, i'm not sure what brought on a loss this morning but i'll take it - another .4 pounds gone so i can't complain... i am really surprised considering i KNOW i blew my points, and then some, while in pittsburgh this past weekend - its always a struggle to stay on any plan while there... but needless to say - it's a sign that i'm still making progress in the right direction and i'm only 9.4 pounds away from my goal... :o)

i went running w/a girlfriend last night which is something we've talked about doing all summer... i haven't been on a track since june and was impressed that i could still muster 3 miles in under 35 minutes - she is more concerned about time but me, i'm just happy that i can do it period... there's a 5K this weekend that she and another friend of mine are doing - i could still register on saturday but its $30 (which i think is kind of steep) so maybe i'll do another one come fall... after running, i headed to big lots for a few things, then home to shower, and relax in front of the tv... :o)

speaking of fall - i ordered a few items from la redoute yesterday... i picked up 2 lambswool cardigans and 2 kneelength skirts for under $50 (with a 15% discount to boot!)... i'm so tired of my summer wardrobe and know i'll be getting rid of a lot of stuff at the end of the season - i'm anxious to start wearing sweaters, tights, and boots... what about you? what are YOU looking forward too wearing this fall?

happy hump day... :o)

Kim  – (9:25 AM)  

Hey Jodi!! Congrats on being down .4 pounds!! WOW! How cool is that??? Can you believe that you are less than 10 pounds away from you goal? I cannot imagine being so close. :)

I like the new stuff you bought! I've never heard of that site before. Can't wait to look into it a little more. I am really looking forward to pulling out my boots and shopping for some cool new fall duds.

CaRoLyN  – (10:09 AM)  

Congrats on the loss!! Wooohoo!!
I went out and bought a few new things for fall as well. The colors this fall are AMAZING!! I lvoe that deep pruple and turquoise! I love fall fashoin period. The colors are always so rich and it's such a great time of year!!

Dee  – (11:01 AM)  

Wow, congrats on being so close to goal!! You're doing so well! I also wanted to thank you for a suggestion you made in my comments awhile back. I was complaining about being broke & you suggested checking Craigslist & Ebay for my "beauty" products. I finally did and I was really surprised to see I CAN get some good deals! So, thanks!

marie  – (11:10 AM)  

holy@! so close to goal - that's amazing!

those skirts are cute too!

Calyn  – (1:26 PM)  

Congrats on the loss! I am looking forward to wearing my Sherpa Coat...but it probably won't be until Winter here in FL!

~Paige~  – (1:33 PM)  

way to go on the loss! good for you!
i too am looking forward to a change in clothing. i am looking forward to skirts, tights, vests, tights and uggs (obviously not for work on the last one). i love fall clothes!

Candace  – (2:00 PM)  

Congrats on the loss, especially after a weekend of fun and great weather. I was in Pittsburg back in the day (1989) when BF at time and I were headed to ski hill in Southern West Virginia. Been many a days since then, but as a teen who'd grown up in small town Canada I was awe-struck by the big city. Got to take in a Penguins game, too.
I'm just looking forward to new clothes in general. Those that fit are getting old and those that don't have ta go, go, go. For right now, new clothes are gonna be nice 2nd hand as I'm still in shrink-mode.

Lacey  – (4:48 PM)  

Congratulations on the loss. You are so close to your goal, I know you'll make it. As far as fall clothes, I am excited to fit into all the stuff I bought last year that I have never worn. I am so bad about buying clothes that don't fit because "someday" I'll fit into them. Well "someday" is nearing very quickly :)

iportion  – (8:54 AM)  

I started my new diet yesterday
and can't wait til I get my weigh in.

Chris H  – (5:17 PM)  

Woo hoo for another loss chick.... fall ? I'm looking forward to summer mate... bring it on!

Courtney  – (10:24 PM)  

Cheers to another loss AND a 3 mile run! You rock!

Courtney aka formeforlife

Ro  – (11:08 AM)  

Yay for the .4 loss....and thanks for the google info. I am sure it will make my life easier!
I don't know if this has anything to do with it but when I click my blog link from your page it goes the Hungry Girls website (which I love BTW)
I hope you have a great healthy and fun weekend!

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